2024 GRS Product Catalog

TRAINING FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS at the GRS® Training Center in Emporia, Kansas.

Brice Windle

June Cream

BASIC Courses introduce you to the world of hand engraving and jewelry work in a friendly, fast- paced, and easy-to- understand way.

ADVANCED Courses take you to the highest levels. From in-depth stone setting to ornamental engraving techniques, the most creative and distinguished skills are the focus of Advanced courses.

Akira Harada

Christopher Davis

INTERMEDIATE Courses go beyond the basics and take the next step with more challenging techniques.

GRAND MASTERS Few opportunities in life provide true lasting inspiration and maximize creativity. GRS hopes to create an ideal environment for inspiration, collaboration, and betterment of the arts. Participation in this experience will impact the level of skill and technique for each attendee.

Joshua Feichtinger

Dylan Sewald

Phil Bartolotta

Jake Bauer


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