2023 GRS Product Catalog

Understanding how air tools work

GRS Air Systems are an essential part of daily work for many engravers, stone setters, and other artisans all over the world. Oil-free compressed air travels through the Air System, where it is harnessed and regulated to create the finest control. By setting the speed on the unit, the user is able to work at a consistent speed while applying the power they require via the foot control or hand control. Air pulses then travel into the handpiece where a spring, piston, and anvil deliver smooth strikes, transferring impact to the graver.

California Air

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Val-Air page 19

Other oil-free air source

Just getting started? These items are what we recommend...

1. Oil-Free Air Compressor 2. GRS Air System 3. GRS Handpiece 4. Graver or Tool 5. Sharpening Equipment 6. Workholding 7. Magnification 8. Sturdy Work Surface 9. Adequate Lighting 10. Training Classes, Books, DVDs


General Setup

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