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f you’ve read any of my past newsletters, you’ve probably picked up on one thing: Sports are a big part of my family. The kids are year-round athletes. Every time the season ends in one sport, another season picks up. I ask them sometimes if they’re still having fun. I don’t want them to get burnt out or feel obligated to play because we’ve invested so much in it. The answer is always yes. That’s great, because we enjoy watching them, and it goes without saying that they learn critical life lessons when competing with their teams. That being said, our entire family enjoys July for the window between seasons that allows us to relax for a bit. Spring and early summer is baseball and lacrosse season for my son and softball season for my daughter. She plays for a competitive team that travels for tournaments. Her national softball tournament every July is the last big event in our family’s annual sports cycle. As soon as that’s over, we drive down to Wildwood Crest. It’s a summer tradition that we always look forward to. Everything starts right back up in August, so it’s our time unwind before hopping back on the high-speed train. We spend all day at the beach. If you’ve ever been down there, you know there’s plenty to keep a 9- and 11-year old occupied. They boogie board, swim, go on the rides, and they love going up and down the boardwalk. The water is actually quite warm this time of year, so it’s even

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more pleasant. My son loves making sand castles, digging moats, and building tunnels for his toy trucks to pass through. Our family moves at a pretty fast clip, which works wonderfully for us. We wouldn’t have it any other way. But watching everyone slow down and go at their own pace is like a breath of fresh air. While the kids run around, Mom and I enjoy sitting in our beach chairs and watching them. She likes to cozy up in the sun with a nice book. As for me, I appreciate moments when I can step away, shut my mind down, and relax. Those are pretty vital for re- energizing and refocusing so I can be the best husband, father, coach, and physical therapist I can be. We get ice cream every night — another highlight for the kids — and relax in our hotel rooms. At least once during the week, we head down to Cape May to get dinner and walk on the beach there. I hope you and your families get to enjoy time like this together in your own way. We all need to slow down occasionally and appreciate the world around us — and each other. I hope your summer is warm, beautiful, and as refreshing as it is for our family.

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“Everything starts right back up in August, so it’s our time unwind before hopping back on the high-speed train.”

– David DeLaFuente

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