209 - TZL - John Wheaton

channels as possible through which to communicate with somebody. I mean, you can communicate with me by Pony Express for all I care, whatever floats your boat. But if you're not connected to me, you can connect with me on LinkedIn, that's probably the primary place. LinkedIn is very underrated but that's a whole other conversation. But you can connect with me on LinkedIn, John Wheaton, PE, LEED AP. You can connect and communicate with me on Twitter. You can connect with me on Instagram or you can connect with the company on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I keep Facebook kind of reserved for my living room. I don't usually connect with business folks unless they're friends on Facebook. So you can communicate with me in all those ways and my company email is in my LinkedIn profile. So yeah, those are good ways to communicate. Randy Wilburn [54:03] Well, that's perfect. And we'll make sure we put all of that in the Show Notes so you guys know how to connect with John moving forward. And certainly, he is somebody worth following, somebody worth connecting to if you ever have a question. I'm sure he’ll be happy to oblige you with an answer. He's just doing good work and good business with Wheaton Sprague out there in Ohio. So, John, thank you so much for joining us on The Zweig Letter Podcast. We really appreciate it. And we're going to have to rewind this and I already have some ideas of some things we could talk about but I appreciate that. Thank you for coming on.

John Wheaton [54:41] You're welcome. It's been a pleasure. And thanks for that. Anytime you want to schedule something just let me know.

Randy Wilburn [54:47] Absolutely. Well, folks, there you have it. Another episode of The Zweig Letter Podcast to learn more about one of the oldest newsletters in the design industry, visit zweiggroup.com You can read articles online, listen to this podcast and sign up for a free subscription to the newsletter and have it delivered right into your email inbox every Monday morning. Sign up today. For more information about Zweig Group's Advisory services or any Zweig Group publications, visit zweiggroup.com. You can subscribe to the Zweig Letter Podcast wherever you listen to it, and please consider rating and reviewing us on Apple podcast. I'm your host, Randy Wilburn, and we'll see you soon. Peace.

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