Nilkamal Solution For Pharmaceuticals Industry

AUTO CLAVABLE CRATES Nilkamal Auto clavable crates are made from special plastic in different sizes for storage & handling of Ampules / Vials for Parenterals. The 4th open side of the crate along with a tapered front, bottom lip with a slide removable flap enables manual crate loaders to simply slide vialsinto the crate without lifting. It also facilitate easy loading & unloading since the operator can slide vials into the in-feed of the packaging line in just a fewseconds. Parameters • It can with stand the temperature upto 121°C . • Autodaving cyde : 15-45 minutes • Pressure : 15 PSI steam. Advantages • The crates are stackable • Economical v/s S.S.trays • Excellent dimensional consistency for machine integration & robotic applications • Excellent load carrying capacity without distortion • Tapered front lid for easy loading 8 urioading • Can be easily deaned & sanitized with no cracks or crevices • Provides a secure grip for easy liting without sharp edges

Model: PHCC3719095

Model: PHJBC3719095

Model: PHCC3719095

Model: PHF3719095 O.D. 184 (L) X 86 (H) mm.

O.D. 370 (L) X 195 (B) X 95 (H) mm. I.D. 352 (L) X 162 (B) X 91 (H) mm. (Above crates & flap are also available in opaque material - grey color)

Model: PHCC4436080

Model: PHJBC4436080

Model: PHJR4436080

Model: PHF3719095 O.D. 184 (L) X 86 (H) mm.

O.D. 440 (L) X 360 (B) X 80 (H) mm. I.D. 418 (L) X 317 (B) X 74 (H) mm.

Pharma Tray

Model: PHJR4436096

Model: CC4535077

Crates in Stacking Position

O.D. 440 (L) X 360 (B) X 96 (H) mm. I.D. 418 (L) X 317 (B) X 92 (H) mm.

O.D. 452 (L) X 355 (B) X 77 (H) mm. I.D. 392 (L) X 283 (B) X 68 (H) mm.

Plastic LID (With metal locking clip)

Plastic LID (Without metal locking clip)

Model: IC-50 Litre DRUM (With metal locking ring) (Capacity : 50 Litres)

Top Dia.

Bottom Dia. O.D. : 370 mm. approx. I.D. : 360 mm. approx.

O.D. : 457 mm. approx. I.D. : 400 mm. approx. HT. : 485 mm. approx.



Abbreviation : PH : Pharmaceutical CC : Complete Closed JBC : Jali with Bottom Closed JR : Jali Regular F: Flap O.D : Out side Dimensions I.D : Inside Dimensions (All dimensions & capacities are approximate & all Crates are available with auto clave & non auto clave material)

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