Nilkamal Solution For Pharmaceuticals Industry


Special plastic hi-tech Tablet crates with lid are used for internal storage of tablets, capsules, powder, granules etc. The Tablet crates are stackable one above another, can be easily carried on a trolley and can be moved anywhere in the plant. It is also found useful and convenient for usage in the packing department.

Model: LH33350

O.D. 105 (L) X 95 (H) mm.

Model: LID33000

O.D. 310 (L) X 310 (B) X 20 (H) mm.

Model: CC33350 LHS (With Label Holder Slot)

Model: CC33350



Model: SEALROD400 (Seal Rod for 2 crates sealing)

O.D. 272 (L) X 272 (B) mm. I.D. 255 (L) X 255 (B) mm.

O.D. 310 (L) X 310 (B) X 342 (H) mm. I.D. 277 (L) X 277 (B) X 338 (H) mm.

Advantages • Built in grip for easy handling • Stronger body, light weight • Stackable • Very easy to clean (Body without ribs) • Multipurpose usage in Tablet division • Different Colour lid for easy identification of crate • Label holder Provision Abbreviations CC : Complete Closed • LHS: Label Holder Slot • LH : Label Holder O.D. : Outside Dimensions • I.D.: Inside Dimensions

Model: SEALROD800 (Also available for 3 crates sealing)


For Storing Vials

For Storing Syrup Bottles

For Storing Tablet & Capsules Strips

Model: CC53250

Model: CC64220

Model: CC64425

Tablet Punch & Dies Crates

Flat Bottom Crates Without Ribs

Model: CHF64320WR

Model: CC32200

Model: CC32150(with tray)

Punches are kept in the tray with dies. The tray kept in the crates and lid can be closed to cover the crate.

Crates is without rib & hence hygienic & easy to clean and stackable too.


Nilkamal introduces a new Tablet Container for pharmaceutical industry. This container can be used to store tablet powder & capsules. It comes with ‘No Ribs’ on the body, hence cleaning becomes easy.

Model : RCRDCON120L1 Top Dia. : 510 mm. Bottom Dia. : 495 mm. Height : 640 mm. Capacity : 120 ltrs. Colors : White & Blue Also available in : 50 litres (50L) & 100 litres (100L)

LID : RCRDLID120L1 Outside Dia. : 560 mm. Height : 45 mm. Total Height : 650 mm.(Container + Lid)

Abbreviation : CH : Closed with Handle CHF : Closed with Handle & Flat bottom

CC : Complete Closed

O.D : Out side Dimensions

I.D : Inside Dimensions

WR : Without Ribs (All dimensions & capacities are approximate)

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