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MARCH 2018

Step Into Spring on the Right Foot

I t’s that time of year once again. Spring is in the air and people are feeling spring fever. The weather is just about perfect for going out to soak up the sun — and get a little exercise. For a lot of us, however, jumping into an outdoor activity can take a little conditioning. It’s not necessarily something you want to leap into without preparing yourself to avoid strain and injury. Without the right conditioning, you can be left with minor aches and pains. Whether you go for a brisk walk, a light jog, or a more strenuous activity, having to deal with any aches and pains can be discouraging. They can slow you down and knock you off track. A problem we see as physical therapists is that when people experience aches and pains, they wait too long to address them. Sometimes pain does go away on its own. It’s easy to assume that it will — we’ve all experienced a pain that comes and goes. But when it doesn’t go away, or if it lingers for an unusually long time, that’s a sign of bigger issues. Your level of function can deteriorate, which can also lead to other health issues.

What was once a small problem can snowball into a big problem.

What you can do is use pain to your advantage. That may sound odd, but pain serves a very important function. It comes down to the fact that pain is information. Pain is your body telling your brain that something is “off” or wrong. When you go for a jog or workout, and then experience pain afterward, a physical therapist can identify the potential problem. When it comes to pain in the muscles and joints, a PT is trained to hone in the true source of that pain. From there, we can help you eliminate the pain and restore functionality. This is one of the reasons why complimentary screenings are really beneficial. When you experience an odd ache or pain, you can come in for an obligation-free screening. Sometimes, people worry that if they see a PT for pain, we’ll make them stop doing their favorite activities, or at the very least, have them scale back their activities (such as biking, jogging, or swimming). The truth is, our job is

to help support you in exercise and movement. The last thing we want to do is restrict you. Physical therapy is all about support. We’re here to help you get back out there doing what you love, and doing it safely. This spring as you take off on your next adventure, don’t let pain stand in your way. If you have questions or concerns, or if you are already experiencing aches and pains, give us a call. We’re ready to help and to get you conditioned for all your favorite spring activities.

Kira Boyd



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