Four Corners Rehab - March 2018

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MARCH 2018

HUMBLE BEGINNINGS How Four Corners Health & Rehabilitation Got Off the Ground

W hen Darla Ward and I started Four Corners Health & Rehabilitation back in 2004, it was one of the most difficult things we’d ever done. From the beginning, we were dedicated to providing the best treatment possible for our patients, and luckily, both of us had a lot of experience in that regard. But on the business side of things, we were diving head-first into completely new waters. It’s funny looking back 14 years and considering all that we didn’t understand back then. From sending out our first, utterly confusing claim to the insurance company and hoping it came back approved, to learning how to regularly check the company voicemail, it was just a huge pile of all these little considerations you never think about until you’re in the midst of running a brand- new business. At the beginning, when we were only getting maybe three or four patients each day, Darla and I were forced to continue our previous jobs, seeing homebound patients all over town and running weekends at a local nursing home. We had to carefully juggle our schedules to make sure everybody got taken care of, yet another logistical hurdle. But eventually, as word began to spread and our reputation steadily grew within the

community, more and more patients began entrusting us with their care. I remember the first week we had around 20 visits, and we suddenly realized, “Oh! We can just stay here now!” It was a huge deal for us. Though that was certainly an important event, I think the proudest moment for

aching back. Even now, 14 years after he was first in the clinic, a picture of him at 16 years old hangs on the wall of our practice. Establishing these long-standing relationships with my patients has been the most consistently rewarding part of being a physical therapist. Each of us at Four Corners is personally invested in the lives of the people who depend on us, watching them grow, heal over time, and eventually return to what they love to do. Over weeks and months, many of them go beyond just being patients; they become friends. It’s hard to express how cool it is to see that process in action every day of the week. -Luke Kron, PT Managing Partne

me came when a few patients returned for further treatment for a separate injury, years after we sent them on their way. Not only were we able to get someone back to their normal life, but we developed such a connection that they felt compelled to return when they suffered further injury. It really felt like we must have been doing something right. school baseball team who needed our help to improve his form and rehabilitate his damaged shoulder. We call him “The Kid” even though he’s not so much of a kid anymore. He continued playing through high school and into college, and then at 25, he returned to Four Corners to work on his I remember one patient who came to us right in the beginning, a pitcher for a middle



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