2023 ElevateHER Application

2023 Application

Is there an area of focus relating to diversity and recruitment/retention challenges that you are particularly passionate about (policy reforms, internal programs, community outreach, etc.)? (Please respond in 500 words or less)

The following question will have no impact on your application but is necessary for program coordination purposes: If chosen, will you be in need of financial assistance ? The cost to participate in the program is $3000, more details below. Yes No

Would your firm be interested in sponsoring ElevateHER?



Would you be interested in writing your ElevateHER story for publication on our website and/or The Zweig Letter? Yes No

Is there anything additional that you would like to share with us?

Members of the 2023 ElevateHER cohort will have a participation fee of $3,000. This fee includes access to Zweig Group’s entire research library (a $5,700 value), attendance at one of Zweig Group seminars of their choice (up to a $3,000 value), and attendance in-person ElevateHER kick-off retreat, access to regular trainings and discussions, materi- als and resources used in the development of project deliverables, and so much more. Please check here (again) if you anticipate the need for financial support. *Please understand that there will be at least one in-person meeting commitment throughout the program. The dates are tenta - tively set for February 15-17, 2023 for the kick-off retreat for the 2023 cohort; this will take place in Dallas, TX. While attendance is not mandatory, the experience and camaraderie are not to be missed. The second in-person gathering opportunity for the cohort will be at the 2023 ElevateAEC Conference in Frisco, TX, in September 2023. In between these dates, cohort members are expected to meet virtually to advance their projects on a regular basis via conference call or video conference.

ElevateHER Sponsorship Prospectus ElevateHER is about the future of the AEC industry, and Zweig Group’s commitment to recruit, retain, and engage the best minds in the industry.

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