2023 ElevateHER Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is included in the program fee? A: The cost to participate in the 2023 cohort is $3000. This fee includes access to Zweig Group’s entire research library (a $5,700 value), a $500 credit towards attendance at one of Zweig Group seminars of their choice, attendance at the ElevateHER kick-off retreat, discounted registration to the annual ElevateAEC Conference and Awards Gala, access to other relevant trainings, materials and resources used in the development of project deliverables, and so much more. Q: Is financial assistance available to offset program costs? A: Thanks to our generous sponsors whose support help offset the cost to operate the program, full and partial financial assis- tance is available to potential participants on a case-by-case basis. It is our vision that finances do not prevent the best minds from participating in ElevateHER. Q: How many will participate in each ElevateHER cohort? A: Typically, a cohort is made up of ~30 participants, and can vary based on the number of applications we receive and select. We have found a cohort size of up to 40 participants to be optimum. Q: Will I meet cohort members prior to the kickoff retreat? A: Yes, there will be virtual meetings prior to the in-person kickoff event. All 2023 members will be expected to join these virtual meetings; a more detailed overview of the program and expectations will be shared with the participants upon acceptance into the program. Q: When are the in-person meeting dates? A: The 2023 ElevateHER Symposium and cohort k ickoff retreat will take place on February 15-17, 2023 in Dallas, TX , the first presentation opportunity will be at the ElevateAEC Conference o n September 13-15, 2023 in Frisco, TX , and the final presentation opportunity will be at the 2024 ElevateHER Symposium in the Spring. Upon accept ance into the program, cohort members are expected to commit to attending at least two out of the three in-person meetings. Q: What is the schedule and format of the kick-off meeting? A: Once accepted as a member of the cohort, you will receive details on the schedule and format for the kickoff meeting with ample time to prepare. Q: Are non-cohort members allowed to participate in ElevateHER meetings? A: Only cohort members and invited special guests approved by the ElevateHER team are allowed to participate in the meet- ings. The ElevateHER Symposium is open to all.

Please send your completed application to ElevateHER@zweiggroup.com Reach out to ElevateHER@zweiggroup.com if you have any comments/questions.

ElevateHER Sponsorship Prospectus ElevateHER is about the future of the AEC industry, and Zweig Group’s commitment to recruit, retain, and engage the best minds in the industry.

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