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June 2019

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Stretch and Recovery Being devoted to wellness and care means my work rarely slows down. I’m always looking for new ways Stretch Physical Therapy and Total Wellness can provide better care and options for our new and returning patients, and that means I’m constantly learning and developing my practice. be providing her expertise for the participants who sign up for this program. Right now, we can only accept 100 participants, but I’m excited to see this program expand for the future. Introducing Our Latest Program at Stretch Physical Therapy and Total Wellness!

This membership could be a big deal for people who cannot afford traditional therapies or treatments for total body wellness. The standard fee for one session we are offering can range from $50 to $200, but by offering this special, we are providing an easily attainable program for those who cannot afford these costly treatments. In my experience, offering this kind of program is a no-brainer. Our clinic and wellness experts work every day to help patients avoid injuries and recover from pain and injury. So, if we can offer a plan that will proactively strengthen our patients while they train and recover from physical activities, why wouldn’t we want to do that? Better yet, why wouldn’t anyone want to take advantage of this expertise? Every day, I am amazed by the feats our bodies can do, and our goal is to give your body the best chance at healing and optimize your performance. You deserve to do the things you love most without searing pain limiting you, and you deserve the guidance of experts who are focused on the total wellness and success of your body. We have worked so hard at Stretch Physical Therapy and Total Wellness to provide our patients with more treatment and recovery options, and I cannot wait to see how this program will expand and benefit you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and let us help you.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to offer an all-encompassing, subscription-like wellness program at Stretch Physical Therapy and Total Wellness. I enjoyed the flexibility and affordability this type of program could

offer to patients, but I was never sure how to make it work with my practice. I wanted the process to be near-perfect before unveiling it to patients. After years of work, research, and networking with my peers, I’m proud to say that we are now offering our new Stretch and Recovery Program, designed for patients who crave the guidance to move better and become stronger but who are not in need of the rigors of physical therapy. This modality-based membership program will help weekend warriors become better at their sport, provide those who are new to fitness with extra support, and give those who are training a boost. After a $99 sign-on fee, patients will only pay $159 each month for eight blood flow restriction therapy sessions, eight muscle recovery restriction therapy sessions, four deep thermal laser sessions, and two one- on-one stretching sessions. Our new personal trainer will

–Kim Nartker



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