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Cigna Telehealth Connection.

Choice is good. More choice is even better. Cigna provides access to two telehealth services as part of your medical plan – Amwell and MDLIVE . Cigna Telehealth Connection lets you get the care you need – including most prescriptions (when appropriate) – for a wide range of minor conditions. Now you can connect with a board-certified doctor via video chat or phone, without leaving your home or office. When, where and how it works best for you! Choose when: Day or night, weekdays, weekends and holidays. Choose where: Home, work or on the go. Choose how: Phone or video chat. Choose who: Amwell or MDLIVE doctors. Say it’s the middle of the night and your child is sick. Or you’re at work and not feeling well. If you pre-register with one or both Amwell and MDLIVE, you can speak with a doctor for help with: The cost savings are clear. Televisits with Amwell and MDLIVE can be a cost-effective alternative to a convenience care clinic or urgent care center, and cost less than going to the emergency room. And the cost of a phone or online visit is the same or less than with your primary care provider. Remember, your telehealth services are only available for minor, non-life-threatening conditions. In an emergency, dial 911 or go to the nearest hospital. The benefit and cost under each medical plan is as follows: Choice Fund HRA: Services provided through Amwell and MDLIVE are covered at 100% Choice Fund HSA: › Sore throats › Headaches › Stomachaches › Fever › Colds and flu › Allergies › Rashes › Shingles › Acne › Bronchitis › Urinary tract infections and more

Cigna Customers: Signing up is easy! › Connect to both Amwell and MDLIVE through myCigna.com . No separate login needed. › Complete a medical history using their “virtual clipboard” Choose with confidence Amwell and MDLIVE are both quality national telehealth providers, so you can choose your care confidently. When you can’t get to Register for one or both today so you’ll be ready to use a telehealth service when and where you need it. AmwellforCigna.com ** 855.667.9722 your doctor, Cigna Telehealth Connection is here for you.

MDLIVEforCigna.com ** 888.726.3171

On the go? No problem. Download the MyCigna ® App* and you’ll be able to access both telehealth providers.

Amwell: $49 applied to deductible; covered at 80% after deductible MDLIVE: $45 applied to deductible; covered at 80% after deductible

Offered by Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company or its affiliates.

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