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July 2019

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There’s nothing like spending the Fourth of July with family and friends. It’s the ultimate summer day. Every Fourth, my mom’s side of the family has an annual fish fry. Nearly all of my family lives in the same subdivision, but I am the exception. We have a very large family, and my grandparents, my mom and stepdad, my two aunts and uncle, and all their families live within about a one-block radius of one another. People jokingly call it the “Rohrbach Compound.” My mom lives on a lake, and, throughout the year, my cousins, uncle, and grandpa fish the lake. Grandpa takes the fish and cleans them with the same old knife he has used since I was a kid. Then, he freezes them until the holiday. Come the Fourth, my entire family gathers at my Uncle Scotty and Aunt Missy’s house for food and fun. There’s cornhole, whiffle ball, kickball, and all kinds of tournament games. We are a very competitive family, as you might have guessed! Of course, it’s not all games. There are also horse and pony rides, as my grandpa lives on a farm. Then, once we’re all gathered at the house, my uncle and grandpa batter and fry a whole lot of fish! After the fish comes the dessert, which, I will admit, is my favorite part. Grandpa makes homemade ice cream with one of those old hand-cranked ice cream makers. Vanilla is usually the flavor of choice, but as my young cousins get older, they’ve managed to convince Grandpa to experiment with a few different flavors. But what would the Fourth be without fireworks? Traditionally, one or two family members will be in charge of buying fireworks. Then, at the end of the night after all the food, we’ll sit near Uncle Scotty’s barn and watch the fireworks light off.

Over the last 15 years or so, we’ve even started up a newer family tradition! You know those Old Navy flag shirts? Well, each branch of the family will wear a different color shirt, and then we’ll all gather to take a group picture. Every year we complain about having to get those shirts, but really, we wouldn’t change it for the world! At the end of the day, I consider myself fortunate that so much of my family lives as close as they do.Throughout the year, we have many get-togethers and traditions, including Christmas Eve, and our annual vacation at Golf Shores, Alabama, but nothing can beat a Rohrbach Fourth of July fish fry!

From all of us here, we hope you had a great Fourth of July, and we hope you’re having a wonderful summer.

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– Caleb Fleschner

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