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COMMUNITY CLEAN UP. Some of our staff members, Erin, Kevin, Ellie, & Bridget helped out at the community cleanup this past month! The volunteers helped pick up trash around Cordele to keep our community clean! Thank you to everyone who came out to help! DID YOU KNOW WE ALSO HAVE OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY AVAILABLE AT OUR CLINICS? Occupational Therapy contributes to enabling individuals of all ages live to their utmost independence in everyday life. OT focuses on adapting everyday skills to benefit the individual in performing these everyday tasks as independently as possible. OT can increase individual functional balance, upper body strength, and usage of adaptive equipment for performing everyday activities. Occupational therapy can increase behavioral skills in individuals who have deficits in cooperative play skills and social interaction with peers. OT encourages these people to live life to the fullest! OT treats persons affected by paraplegia and quadriplegia, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, stroke, Autism Spectrum Disorder, amputations, sensory processing disorders, behavioral problems, upper extremity injuries, fine motor skill deficits, attention deficit/ADHD, traumatic brain injuries, ALS, Huntington’s disease, cerebral palsy, problems for performing self-care task, problems with performing cooking task, and so much more. For all of your Occupational Therapy needs, give us a call at (229)273-9445.

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CERVICAL RETRACTION (TOWEL) Stand with your back against a wall. Position a rolled up towel behind your neck.Tuckchin likeyouarenodding ‘yes’.Drawyourchinclosertotheback of your throat. Repeat 3 times. EXERCISE ESSENTIALS Stretches Neck Exercisescopyrightof

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