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How Stretching Can Improve Your Physical Per formance! (continued)

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“When I first came to PT, I had no confidence in my walking. In less than a month of rehab, my friends are amazed at the changes. Thanks to Dresher PT and Carrie, I AM BACK and so much more confident!” - Barb K. "Thanks to Dresher PT and Carrie, I AM BACK and so much more confident!" Spring Gardening Tips PRO TIP OF THE MONTH!

3. Quad stretch. Start by leaning against a wall or other stable surface. Stand with your legs hip-width apart. Relax your shoulders and flex your abdominal muscles. Use your right hand to pull your right leg toward your buttocks, so your knee is bent facing the floor. Hold your right foot in your hand for 30-45 seconds, then repeat on the left side. 4. Hamstring stretch. Begin by holding onto a stable object, such as a wall, chair, or railing. Place your right foot on a slightly raised surface, such as a step or a curb, so your heel is touching the surface and your toes are facing upwards. Make sure your hips are straight. Slowly bend your left knee until you begin to feel the stretch in your right thigh. Hold for 30-45 seconds then repeat with the left leg. 5. Supine twist stretch. Begin by laying on a mat or soft surface, with your back flat on the ground and your right knee bent. Use your left arm to bring your bent right knee to the other side of your body, keeping your right arm outstretched flat on the ground. Rotate your hips slightly to the left in order to do this. Hold for 30-45 seconds then repeat with the left leg. Add stretches to your daily routine today! There are many other ways that stretching can help you live your best life. If you are looking to add stretches to your daily life, contact us for assistance! We will schedule a consultation with one of our dedicated physical therapists, so you can discuss which stretches will be best for you. Contact Dresher Physical Therapy today to get started on the first steps of your treatment plan and learn more about how targeted stretches will benefit you!



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