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1. Ifyouhavebeenactively illwitha fever,persistentcough,oracuteshortnessofbreath in the past 48 hours, please do not attend physical therapy until that time you have fully recovered,havebeenfever-freeforat least48hoursandhavebeenclearedbyyourdoctor. If you have tested positive or have been in direct contact with someone who is positive or on strict self-quarantine, please do not come into our offices for at least 2 weeks. We ask that you bring this to the immediate attention of our staff. 2. We are a hand shake-free zone and we ask all clients to use our Purell immediately upon entering our facilities. 3. We disinfect all high-touch surfaces and equipment twice daily in addition to our usualspotcleaningsbetweenpatientsand inaddition toourovernightdailyprofessional cleaning service. 4. We will continue our standard policy of disinfecting all treatment tables between each client. 5. Employees will continue their standard rigorous hand- washing procedures between each client. Thank you for your attention to these important matters. Dresher PT is committed to providing a safe and clean environment for all of our patients and employees. Sincerely, Matt Seabrook, PT and the entire DPTTeam SUCH RELIEF OF NECK AND SHOOTING ARM PAIN THAT A PATIENT WAS ABLE TO CANCEL HIS CERVICAL FUSION SURGERY AFTER 8 LASER TREATMENTS! CHRONIC THUMB ARTHRITIS THAT WAS A 6/10 ON THE PAIN SCALE, WAS REDUCED TO A 1/10 IN JUST 3 VISITS. THE RELIEF HAS LASTED FOR AT LEAST 4 MONTHS SO FAR! A client with chronic back pain and diffuse arthritis stated after his 6 laser treatments, "I haven't felt this good in 10 years!" WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE WHAT OUR CLASS IV LASER CAN DO FOR YOU? TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A FREE TRIAL BY CALLING OR EMAILING US TODAY AT THE FORT WASHINGTON CLINIC. Email matt@dresherpt.com OR call 215-619-4545 CHECK OUT THE NEW LASER THERAPY PAGE ON OUR WEBSITE! YOUR HEALTH AND SAFETY COME FIRST! DPT coronavirus (COVID-19) Policies & Procedures

FREE ROTATOR CUFF PAIN WORKSHOP TUESDAY, APRIL 28 TH @ 6:00PM These highly valuable workshops will teach you the most common causes of back pain and shoulder pain and give you smart solutions to help eliminate your pain naturally without medication, injections, or surgery! THIS WORKSHOP WILL BE HELD AT OUR BLUE BELL CLINIC

Call (267) 419-8160 to register TODAY or click on the "Workshop" tab at the top of our website's home page.

(215) 619-4545 FORT WASHINGTON

(267) 419-8160 BLUE BELL

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