WatercureUSA - March 2020



Over the last few years, Watercure USA has grown immensely. Through our dedication to our customers and our craft, we’ve been able to double our business. But that didn’t start with my family or me. It originated at the sea with my dad years ago. My dad was a captain in the Merchant Marines working on oil tankers. He was one of the youngest captains in the

But over the years, we’ve had our fair share of challenges beyond my father’s health issues. As my role has transitioned from being a service provider to running more of the day- to-day operations, it kills me that I can’t see our clients. We have some clients who have been with us for decades and whose entire families we know. Every one of our service providers takes client notes, and I personally check in on the clients I used to service. The other challenge we’ve faced is the lack of information about the quality of filters sold at big-box stores. A lot of refrigerators now come with a water filter, but in the long run, they put more nitrates into your water due to the filters clogging up and dispersing contaminants already in the water and also nitrates that have built up over time. Regardless of the obstacles we face, the need to help our community still gets me up every day. If it isn’t apparent, I love to help people, and you would be surprised the difference clean water can have on a person’s life. It feels good knowing that Dad and I are still able to help people like he set out to do all those years ago. www.WatercureUSA.com -Drew Orton

Merchant Marine, and he even spent a year stuck in Russia during the ColdWar. He was gone for nine months out of the year, and after 16 years, he felt it was starting to take a toll on his family. At the time, I was 14, andmy sisters were 9 and 2. My dad thought he was missing out on seeing us grow up, so he retired. When he left the Merchant Marine, he was trying to figure out how to apply what he had learned as a captain. He knew all about water filtration fromhis time on oil tankers and saw the need for clean, filtered water as the bottled water industry was just starting to boom. I worked part time for my dad through high school and learned the ropes. The water filtration process fascinatedme because I sawwhat it could do for people. I always had an interest in helping people, which would guide the rest of my journey back into the industry as I got older. When I graduated high school, the need to serve became pretty intense, so I joined the Navy. After serving, I came home and worked a few other jobs to gainmore experience before joining the family business. A few years later, an opportunity

presented itself: I could help our community as a city firefighter. I couldn’t say no. However, I still wanted to help with the family business. I worked in four-day rotations: four days with the fire department and four days at Watercure USA. I would get a few days off here and there, but I only retired six years ago when my father got sick. It was at that moment I realized how much of a “three-legged stool”we were at the company. So, as my dad concentrated on treatment and getting better, I retired from the fire department to focus on our clients. At this point, I saw the growing need for our products and services in the area, which meant we needed to grow just as fast to meet the demand. For the last several years, our goal has been to double our business volume. Our suppliers think we’re nuts at times, but we’ve been able to accomplish our goal year in and year out. People might ask me about the kinds of changes and challenges we’ve encountered since 1986, the year we founded the company.


MARCH 2020


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