FMN | March 2nd, 2020

Packaging Study (Cont’d from Page 1) Next-generation technologies are only small pieces of the greater equation that will address and solve the waste and recycling crisis. The ultimate solution is brands, manufacturers, packaging industry bodies, governments, and environmental non-profits working in harmony to better inform consumers,develop more easily recyclable packaging, and establish better col- lection systems and recycling processes. Recycling Efforts From Around The World Country-wide efforts in India: Marico Ltd., one of India’s leading consumer beauty and wellness compa- nies, has partnered with Future Retail’s format Big Ba- zaar to launch Plastic Lao Paise Kamao, a closed loop recycling program that enables consumers to submit plastic bottles across 21 key Big Bazaar outlets around Mumbai.For each bottle submitted,consumers receive 10 rupees instantly credited to their Future Pay wallet, made available for their next purchase. Recycling goes ‘grassroots’ in the United States: Pennsylvania-based Total Recycling — in a joint ef- fort with Materials Recovery for the Future, a research collaborative of brands, manufacturers, and packaging companies — has created a first-of-its-kind program in the United States to collect flexible packaging materials at curbside.New vision systems can detect and separate flexible packaging from other recyclables and while the recyclate produced, called RFlex, cannot be processed back to flexible packaging materials, it can be used for consumer and industrial goods of equal or higher value. Kao in Japan brings recycling into its Kirei lifestyle strategy: Japan-based beauty, personal care, and house- hold care brand Kao is taking a unique approach to recycling as a centrepiece of its environmental, social, and governance strategy called Kirei Lifestyle (‘kirei’ means ‘something that is clean,well-ordered, and beau- tiful’ in Japanese).The strategy focuses on developing innovative technologies to recycle used plastic pack- aging, develop and use high-quality, low-priced recy- cled plastics, and promote RecyCreation, a program through which new value is created from used plastics. Creating A Path Forward Chemical recycling offers an alternative to ineffi- cient mechanical recycling : The prospects for chemi- cal recycling — sometimes referred to as ‘transforma- tional technology’— offer more efficient and profitable recycling for single-use plastics. In chemical recycling, plastic is chopped and treated with a combination of water, heat, pressure, and enzymes or catalysts to break the plastic resin down into its constituent parts.These (Cont’d on Page 7)


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