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Finding Your Forte

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Our talent and leadership landscape is evolving.

crescendo n. (kre-shen-do)

the deep, introspective questions “Why am I here? What is my impact? Exchanging work in a job for a paycheck will no longer cut it. The best talent wants to know ‘how do I bring my best to serve not only my own purpose Companies that get out in front of this evolution will win the war for the best talent. Our workforce is demanding new levels of connectedness to answer but the aligned missions and purpose of the team and company?’ And detrimental consequences hang in the balance as organizations work to get this right. This requires them to invest in their leaders and talent in new ways. They now need to know what inspires them to bring the best they have to offer and connect it to their company mission and strategy – or they risk losing their best leaders, disengaging an emerging millennial workforce and perhaps underperforming in the market. The sobering reality is that companies that aren’t actively igniting purpose for their leaders and talent are slowly losing their connection, engagement and inspired performance in ways that don’t show up in exit interviews and employee satisfaction surveys. The good news is that there are good consequence opportunities in reach as well. Intentional programs to discover, affirm and activate purpose within organizations have much to gain in growth, performance and leadership for leaders and talent. We welcome the opportunity to help companies tap into this power source for motivation, trajectory and performance.

1 a gradual increase; specifically: a gradual increase in volume of a musical passage 2 the peak of a gradual increase.

Your Crescendo is your growth. Your increase in volume. Your peak. We find it highly appropriate to carry the name of what we are commited to. Your Crescendo.

About Your Crescendo We are on a mission is to empower purpose and impact for leaders and talent in their business performance, leadership and careers.

Reggie Hammond, Founder and Managing Partner Launched 2011 Career Highlights Accenture (Ohio and Atlanta) 1991 – 2005 Exervio Management Consulting Atlanta Office Lead (Vice-President) 2005 – 2011 Passion Empowering others performance through their gifts and purpose

We are committed to a mission to get the world on purpose. We’d like to include your organization in our impact.

Reggie Hammond Your Crescendo


Talent & Leadership on Purpose


What’s In It for Leaders, Talent and their Companies? Pursuit of purpose is a powerful and compelling approach to drive: ▪ Sense of direction and career path clarity for leaders and emerging, high-performing talent ▪ Engagement for talent to bring their most inspired presence to their work ▪ Individual and collective insights for organizations to make talent and leadership decisions regarding optimal roles, performance and contribution ▪ Alignment with company strategy to give everyone a compelling ‘why’ The Business Case for Purpose in Leaders/Talent There is compelling empirical evidence to support how Finding Your Forte can help drive your key objectives to attract, develop and retain emerging millennial talent.

Actively Engaged

Not Engaged

Actively Disngaged

70% of leaders / workers are not engaged in their work or career.

“Two vital steps to fixing your employee engagement problem. ▪ Focus on purpose ▪ Connect to the bottom line” - Kevin Cope, “Seeing the Big Picture: Business Acumen to Build Your Credibility, Career, and Company” “If you can hire people whose passion intersects with the job, they won’t require supervision at all. They will manage themselves better than anyone could ever manage them. Their fire comes from within, not from without.” -Stephen Covey

ATTRACT (Talent and Leader Acquisition) According to a new survey from CareerBuilder, employers estimate that, on average, they lose more than $14,000 for every job that stays vacant for three months or longer, and 1 in 6 companies say they lose $25,000 or more.

$14k for every unfilled need that’s over 3 months old

DEVELOP Every year of delaying leadership development costs the typical organization an amount equal to 7% of their total annual sales.

Between 9% and 32% better retention through leadership development

Employee Retention ▪ Between 9% and 32% of an organization’s voluntary turnover can be avoided through leadership development. ▪ 50% replacement cost (between 30% and 250% of annual salary) Customer Satisfaction ▪ Better leadership can generate a 3 to 4% improvement in customer satisfaction scores ▪ 1.5% increase in revenue growth

SOURCE: Making the Business Case for Leadership Development


More than 60% of millennials leaving their company in less than three years

▪ Gallup has estimated that employee disengagement costs the overall US economy as much as $350 billion every year or at least $2,246 per disengaged employee.


Talent & Leadership on Purpose


Companies that prioritize purpose have better: ▪ loyalty across generations ▪ customer engagement ▪ strategic alignment ▪ decision making clarity

▪ measurement and performance ▪ employee satisfaction and ▪ revenue

WHY PURPOSE MATTERS TO LEADERS Focus on purpose helps leaders: ▪ build more confidence and trust

▪ stewardship and confidence among those they lead


Talent & Leadership on Purpose

WHY PURPOSE MATTERS TO INDIVIDUALS Purpose oriented professionals

▪ have better business results ▪ have better team dynamics ▪ and better employee satisfaction

▪ have better retention, ▪ leadership potential, ▪ are more likely to be brand ambassadors


Talent & Leadership on Purpose


Finding Your Forte empowers purpose and impact in talent and leaders. It provides a proven approach, the tools, time, space, and guidance for them to be strategic about their work and to put it in the broader context of their company’s mission, broader career and purpose.

Your Forte is where your strengths and gifts meet your passions in a way that rewards you and serves your purpose to bring your greatest impact.

Your Forte is optimized when you do:

n. (fôr′tā′, fôrt) 1 Something in which a person excels: “His forte was in defusing negative rumors before they ever exploded into news accounts”. 2 The strong part of a sword blade, between the middle and the hilt.

What you love, What you’re good at in a way that Rewards you and bringing it to a mission you feel called to impact.

Finding Your Forte Modules PERFORM



Gifts / Strengths

Purpose and Impact

Exemplary Leadership Professional Brand High Performing Teams Strategic Articulation


Vision Casting


Vision, Goals and Actions Execution and Accountability


THE DELIVERABLE Find Your Forte lands a personalized strategic framework that includes purpose empowered by gifts/strengths, passions, leadership practices, motivations, priorities and vision snspshots, long-, medium- and long-term. Compose Your Masterpiece builds on the vision snapshots by adding each vision snapshot’s goals and action items.


Talent & Leadership on Purpose


Our Approach Finding Your Forte is the first phase of our approach to engage the purpose and impact of professionals in their project/role, business performance, career and purposeful lives. Doing so empowers them to bring an engaged and inspired presence to their role and their organizations’ mission.

Why is Finding Your Forte Important? All too often, professionals are merely focused on doing their job and don’t have the opportunity to be strategic about performing in a way that plays to their strengths, leverages their passions and rewards them in ways that motivate them. Using purpose as an engagement strategy drives satisfaction, job performance and retention.







Short term

Medium term

Long term


Optimal Contribution

Vision Snapshots




Your Best Needs A Plan




Stronger business and career performance

Leadership from Your Strength

Engagement and Fulfillment

Your Most Organic Success


Talent & Leadership on Purpose


Our Programs Using a range of talent development channels, we focus on driving purpose

as an individual and organizational growth strategy.

A Moving Performance To bring it’s’ most inspired performance, a symphony must have talented musicians that are at their best, well rehearsed and all engaged on the experience it is looking to inspire for its audience.

Our mission is to orchestrate an inspired performance for maestros, instrument sections and musicians to bring their best performance.




Leadership on Purpose ▪ Leadership Development ▪ Executive / Leadership Coaching

Building High Performing Teams ▪ Team Retreats ▪ Forums ▪ Strategic Planning Facilitation Finding Your Forte

Finding Your Forte ▪ One-on-One Coaching

Placement on Purpose ▪ Talent Acquisition - Full-Time Roles - Consultants and Contractors

▪ Group Coaching ▪ Speaker Series


Talent & Leadership on Purpose

HOWWE HELP Finding Your Forte is designed as a core program that can be adapted and delivered in a variety of channels.

Modules ▪ Finding Your Forte: Overview – How it Works ▪ Gifts and Strengths on Purpose (StrengthsFinder Coach) ▪ From Passions to Purpose (Passions Assessment) ▪ Motivations (Motivations Matrix) ▪ Purpose Discovery (Purpose Assessment)

Optional / Leadership Modules: ▪ Leadership on Purpose (Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership 360) ▪ Personal Branding (360Reach Personal Branding Survey) ▪ Leadership Development through Strategic Communications

▪ Five Dysfunctions Virtues of a Team (Team Dynamics) ▪ Optimizing the Performance of A, B and C Players ▪ Strategic Articulation Mapping (Vision – Mission – Headline Metrics – Differentiators – Strategic Initiatives)

Delivery Options Finding Your Forte can be delivered through three facilitation approaches that have varying audience size (speaker facilitator-to-participant ratio and engagement levels.

Speaker / Facilitator Engagement and Impact: Moderate to Light Participant Size: 12 – 200 Individual / Leadership Coaching Engagement and Impact: Deep Participant Size: 1 to 1

Group Coaching Engagement and Impact: Deep to Moderate Participant Size: 8 - 12

Webinar Engagement and Impact: Varies / Light Participant Size: Technology Limited


Talent & Leadership on Purpose

HOWWE CANHELP DELTA GLOBAL SERVICES OUR UNDERSTANDING It is our understanding that Conference Delivery Options

Keynote Speaker / Facilitator

Delta Global Services is interested in options to support their High Potential Conference in New Orleans in September. They are expecting 40 participants including Senior Leadership Team and High Potential participants.

OPTION A: Finding Your Forte: Business and Career on Purpose Keynote Speaker / Facilitator Deliver Keynote Address or Workshop on Purpose / Finding Your Forte Budget Estimate $4,500







Conference Host / Facilitator

PROGRAMMING OPTIONS Speaker: § Forte Certified Business Leaders OR § Delta Global Services SLT Members (supported by Speaker Coach Support) Laser Coaching Sessions: § Forte Certified Coaches OR § Delta Global Services SLT Members (supported by Speaker Coach Support)

OPTION B: Finding Your Forte 1-Day Program

OPTION C: Finding Your Forte Compose Your Masterpiece 2-Day Program

Each module includes 10-minute Inspiring Talk and Workshop with Assessment Recommended Modules § Leveraging Your Strengths (StrengthsFinder) § Tapping into Your Passions § Rewarding Your Motivations § Discovering and/or Affirming Your Purpose $8,000 Cost estimates do not include travel and incidental expenses, materials or participant assessment costs

Recommended Modules § Exemplary Leadership (Wiley 360) § Personal Brand (Reach 360)

§ Vision – Goals – Actions § Execution Accountability

Panels: High Potential Participants


DGS Participation drives engagement and learning effectiveness




Post Conference § Quarterly Coaching Checkpoints

Gifts / Strengths

Purpose and Impact

Exemplary Leadership Professional Brand High Performing Teams Strategic Articulation


Vision Casting


Vision, Goals and Actions Execution and Accountability



Talent & Leadership on Purpose



Talent & Leadership on Purpose



Talent & Leadership on Purpose


COACHING AND LEADERSHIP PROFILE Reggie Hammond is committed to his mission to help leaders, teams and organizations live their purpose in their projects, business, careers and lives. He focuses on helping professionals find their forte through optimizing their passions, gifts/strengths and market- rewarding motivations in a way that impacts their purpose and the world around them. He uses this approach to help leaders drive purpose and engagement in their teams and organizations.

• Coaching for Performance (GROW Model) • Purpose-Focused Careers and Business • Program and Project Management • Value Realization / Delivery • Strategic Planning • Employee Engagement

• Keynote Speaker • Go-To-Market Strategy • Business Development Planning • Business Case

Reggie Hammond

EXPERIENCE Reggie has a long, successful track record of enhancing the performance of leaders, teams and organizations. His experience encompasses driving both individual and business performance for his clients. He has committed his professional career to delivering business critical initiatives for the individuals and organizations he has engaged through consulting, leading and coaching. • YOUR CRESCENDO - Founder and Managing Partner - Executive Coach, Consultant and Facilitator - Clients include Turner Broadcasting, Atlanta Public Schools, Fulton County Schools, Navigator Management Consulting, Accenture, Deloitte • EXERVIO MANAGEMENT CONSULTING - Vice President, Atlanta Office (Launched) - Clients included The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T, Fiserv - Key Accomplishment: Developed and Deployed Net Client Value (NCV) Strategy and Approach, Program Delivery Diagnostic • ACCENTURE - Senior Manager, Business Process Excellence and Business Case Delivery - Clients included Unilever, Hallmark, Borden Foodservice, Victoria Secret Stores, - Key Accomplishment: Developed Find The Money program for ERP Benefits Realization and Value Delivery SELECT ACCOMPLISHMENTS • Performance Consultants International, Coaching for Performance Certification • Accenture Atlanta – Coach of the Year – 2000 • Accenture Atlanta and Ohio – Founder of Diversity Initiative – AAIM and CARE 2000 • Keynote Speaker (SAP User Conference, Accenture, Deloitte, UNUM Group) • Create Your Dreams, Board Chair; TechBridge, Board Member UN Women,

“Each of us is uniquely equipped with a set of passions, gifts and motives at our core. Our optimal contribution is where we are able to tap into each and all of these assets to serve our purpose. This enables us to do what we love to do, what we are really good at and what rewards us. When we can focus these contributions on a team or company mission as well as our own purpose, we are fulfilled, inspired and at our best. It enables high performing teams as well as a thriving, fulfilling and well-rewarded career and life. This is what I call this our FORTE and it is my mission to have everyone get there.” – Reggie Hammond

EDUCATION • The Ohio State University, MBA – Operations and Finance • Albany State University, BS - Marketing


Talent & Leadership on Purpose



YOUR CRESCENDO • Founder and Managing Partner

Reggie Hammond is committed to his mission to help leaders, teams and organizations live their purpose in their projects, business, careers and lives. He uses this approach to help leaders drive purpose and engagement in their teams and organizations.

EXERVIO MANAGEMENT CONSULTING • Vice President, Atlanta Office ACCENTURE • Senior Manager, Business Process Excellence and Business Case Delivery

Reggie Hammond

SUITETRACK LLC • Founder and Managing Partner

Erin helps women improve their performance individually, on teams and for the organization. She specializes in coaching women in such aspects as executive presence, strategic career management and navigating the complex workplace of today. Elton is on a mission of assist promising executives to earn positions of greater responsibility and leadership. He works closely with executives who are capable of more, but need to hone their skills in an area or two to unlock their potential. Elton brings the “walk a mile in your shoes” experience. He rose through corporate organizations to ultimately run a global company with $850M in revenue and $250M of EBITDA, leading the team to record revenue and EBITDA levels. Jennifer Hale has more than 20 years of experience working with leaders, managers and teams in some of the world’s most notable companies. Recent clients include The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T, Assurant, Ingersoll Rand and Cox Communications. She continues to deliver speaking engagements on culture transformation and leadership development internationally.


Erin Wolf

ACCENTURE • Associate Partner, Strategic Services

VINE VAULT • Founder and Managing Partner


Elton Potts

CHEP USA • Senior Vice President, Supply Chain

The HALE GROUP (previously known as ORGANIZATIONAL IMPACT, INC) • President


Jennifer Hale

ASSURANT • Senior Vice President of People & Culture ING Financial Services International • Senior Manager, Management & Organization Development ARTHUR ANDERSEN • Manager, Senior Consultant, Instructional Designer BURKLAND WALLER • Leadership/Executive Coach & Management Consultant COLLABORATIVE CONSULTING • Director, Operations and Organizational Development NERVEWIRE INC./ WIPRO CONSULTING • Senior Engagement Manager ACCENTURE/ANDERSEN CONSULTING • Change Management Consultant KENNING ASSOCIATES • Leadership / Executive Coach

Laurie Burkland Waller has been helping leaders and organizations grow, transform, and thrive for more than twenty years. She is driven by a passion for partnering with clients to optimize performance and realize potential.

Laurie Burkland Waller

Talent & Leadership on Purpose


WHAT CLIENT’S SAY We asked a writer to talk to our clients to share thoughts and perspectives on their experience with Your Crescendo. Here are excerpts from what they had to say.

We spent our initial meetings talking about who I was, what I enjoyed, my skills and where my specific talents could apply professionally.

EK Carpenter - Senior Management Consultant Peppers and Rogers Group

Through working with Your Crescendo, I gained tremendous insight into the ways I could better my business strategy, and I am doing them better, every day. I’m now continuously motivated to look at my business from all angles

Kay Colson – President, Resource Business Services

As business continues to filter in, our firm has the potential to double its revenue within one year. I owe that to my work with Your Crescendo. Before, I put off creating a plan for my business’ growth and said ‘I’ll do that one day.’ Now, I’m right where I need to be. When we meet one-on-one, our interactions feel more like a conversation. When we’re mapping out the next steps

I need to take to accomplish my goals, it feels like a team effort. Ricky Mitchell – Software Engineer and Development Lead

Through working with Reggie, my sense of professional fulfillment and confirmation that I am in working in the right arena, where a lot of my key strengths are utilized on a daily basis, has certainly improved. His coaching gave me the ability to move forward along my career path, and take control in my role after the acquisition. It also demonstrated to me the importance of setting time aside to think about what I want in my career and how I could improve it on a regular basis Patka Ward – Senior Project Manager Perficient (at AT&T)

Your Crescendo first helped me connect with a broader purpose for myself. You have to be as authentic and open- minded as possible when contemplating big questions like ‘What do you want your life to be about?’ I had to put formality aside and open myself to the experience of finding my purpose.

Rodney Jordan – Deputy Director, Employee Communications Gates Foundation

The program has, above all, helped me really establish my ‘compelling why’. I have more than just an understanding of my business and what I’d like to do with it. I know why I’m doing it.

Crystal Davis - Founder and Principal Lean Practitioner The Lean Coach, Inc.


Talent & Leadership on Purpose

Before working with Reggie, I never thought of myself as a leader. I soon discovered I had great leadership potential. The program pushes you to avoid putting limits on yourself and to think bigger about your career. I realized how I could bring personal uniqueness to benefit any company or organization. Reggie has the uncanny ability to get to the source and the soul of a person as he did with me and really bring that out.I work within. Marlene Parker – Project Manager Atlanta Public Schools

People always need encouragement and a fresh perspective. Reggie helped me discover my potential and guided me in the right direction. Before the program, my vision was blurry, as though a cataract developed upon it. Post- program, that cloudiness has been removed.

Keasha Copeland – Project Manager Atlanta Public Schools

Your Crescendo is just wonderful. By working with Reggie, I discovered my talent for leadership, that I like to lead initiatives and that I tend to take ownership in big situations. He really listens, and helped me put the pieces together. I’m glad that we still keep in touch and he continues to encourage me to this day. I plan to work with him again. Reggie first had me fill out a chart about my career choices. Through this tool, I was able to look at the pros and cons of my job, and also answer questions about my dream job. But, more often, we just talked. He’d listen, and at the end of every discussion, he’d always have lots of suggestions. It seemed he was always three steps ahead.

Tia Arzu – Corporate Counsel Google

I communicated early on that I loved challenges. Your Crescendo helped me understand what my gifts were and helped me closely define my vision based on my personal passions.

Lantre Barr – Founder and CEO Blacc Spot Media, Inc.

The program helped me think deeply about my strengths. I was guided to better understand my gifts by putting my passions down on paper. Before, I was constantly trying to see where I would fit best in the world, whereas now, I’ve taken ownership of who I am, who I want to be and what I want to do in my career.

Veronica Maxam – Principal Client Care Consultant Findly Human Capital Consultant

The key component that sets Your Crescendo apart is the absolute passion he brings to his work. When he works with you, he isn’t just doing a job. Reggie motivates you to reach your ‘a-ha’ moment and really create something great for yourself.

Shola Oni - SVP, Sales Process Design & Execution Bank of America

Your Crescendo is flexible with their plan and open to changing direction if need be. They were very genuine in that they definitely don’t do what they do for the money, you don’t always get that from a third party that comes into a challenging situation. To this day, Reggie and I still catch up, and one thing’s clear: he is interested in people and developing them professionally.

Dr. Jesse Hightower, Jr. - Supervisory Management and Program Analyst at U.S. Department of Education


Talent & Leadership on Purpose

Your Crescendo used a tool called a ‘pulse-check,’ that helped me determine if a business opportunity was worth pursuing, and that’s been a great tool. He’s also been essential in helping me foster new relationships with professionals in my industry. He is a true people-connector. I have a lightbulb moment every time I meet with Reggie. Even if I’m not at my endpoint, working with him and

Your Crescendo has been a great investment. Cavell Jenkins – Managing Principal Consultant The SCIENTIA GROUP

The actual day was amazing! It was refreshing to be in this contemporary space, to think, reflect and breathe. Breakfast was set up. His attention to the little things made all the difference. It was important for the whole experience. We had breakfast, mingled and just enjoyed each other, which was nice. The structure, organization and very deliberate way he went from one item to the next was perfect. He wasn’t afraid to push where he needed to push. Again, he wasn’t afraid to allow us to be uncomfortable. Samantha Evans – Executive Director, Communications Fulton County Schools

In every ‘tough love’ conversation we had, I understood that he was trying to be my coach, guide and challenge me. He wants you to fly as high as you can possibly fly. And when he worked with me, I could tell Reggie was achieving his life purpose, too. Working with him was certainly worth all the time and energy.

Tracey McCant – Project Manager The Coca-Cola Company

I work through any tough situation I encounter at work with Your Crescendo. In this particular instance, my conflict resolution abilities were key in managing the expectations of all involved, including our company’s leadership team, employees and human resources. Reggie’s program pushes you to resolve conflict maturely and take accountability every step of the way. Elbert Parker, Lead, Workforce Management Chico’s FAS


Talent & Leadership on Purpose

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