Beautique Medical Spa - October 2017


Are You Causing Your Skin More Harm Than Good? THE RIGHT WAY TO GET RID OF DULL SKIN

I was reminded recently about how important commitment to your skin care routine really is when my daughter shared the following story with me. A while back, she was on vacation and decided to treat herself to a facial at a high-end resort. I knew my skin would be better than most since I work at a medical spa. Before I keep tooting my own horn, though, I need to make a confession. Prior to my vacation, I was so busy getting ready to relax that I neglected my skin care routine at home. I was basically just washing my face and falling into bed at night. I stopped exfoliating and really caring for my skin. Fast forward to my relaxing facial. I was appalled as the esthetician told me I needed to exfoliate and that I had a bunch of blackheads on my nose! Let me tell you, it brought my ‘relaxation’ to a screeching halt! My daughter’s experience made both of us question whether we are making sure our clients know the importance of exfoliation. Like other parts of our anatomy, skin works in a cycle. Skin cells are born in the deepest layer of your skin. These cells move to the top layer of your skin and replace old cells. This ongoing cycle takes about 28 days. As you get older, this cycle slows down, and dead skin cells tend to linger on the top layer of your skin, which is what gives skin a dull and flaky look. Avoiding that dull, flaky skin is why exfoliation is such an important part of your skin care regimen. When done on a regular basis, it’s a tool to help your skin regain the glow of youth. Not only will it help your skin cells renew more quickly, but it will also help minimize the noticeable effects of sun rays, dirt, and dead cells on the skin, which is what causes blackheads like the ones I ended up with on my vacation. With so many exfoliation tools available, how do you find the right one for your skin? That’s where working with a medical professional and an esthetician, like the ones here at Beautique Medical Spa, comes in. While exfoliation is something you can do at home, it’s important that you use the right products. Certain at-home exfoliation products can cause redness and even wounds on the face if they are too abrasive for your skin, leading to microscopic lacerations on your face, calluses in response to constant abrasion, and eventually, a toughened feel. At Beautique Medical Spa, our staff will work with you to find the best type of exfoliant for your face. Chemical exfoliants are a type we utilize often because of the superior results we see. In fact, Harvard Medical School found that acids like those used in chemical exfoliants are more effective than abrasive exfoliants, such as scrubs and cloths. How do chemical exfoliants work? Using alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), we are able to loosen the bonds that hold dead skin cells on your face to give it back its glow. AHAs have other perks, too. Getting rid of dead skin can increase the absorption of creams and serums. If you are tired of seeing acne scars or skin discoloration in the mirror, AHAs can lighten your skin and improve the appearance of these discolorations. Because of the nature of chemical exfoliants, it is very important to follow your skin care professional’s advice, as they have an understanding of each skin type and the potential of the ingredients being used. Talk to our staff at Beautique about the benefits of AHAs. Since returning from her vacation, I’m happy to tell you my daughter is back to her skin care routine. Scheduling regular chemical exfoliations with our estheticians and using the recommended at-home enzymes is keeping those blackheads away. This really is the key: working with our medical professional and esthetician for success.

Don’t hang on to that dead skin like an unwelcome friend. Talk to our knowledgeable staff at Beautique about saying goodbye to dull skin and hello to the bright, youthful skin you know is underneath.

–Dr. Sanchez OWNER, MEDICAL DIRECTOR | 956-664-1234

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