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CELEBRATING GROWTH Reflecting on the Holidays and Taking Chances

s a single parent, the holidays were always a little stressful. I worried about spending too much money during the season, but as my children grew, I developed a plan to hopefully avoid this trap.

Every year since they were little, I’ve gotten each of my three children three gifts for Christmas. They always receive one item of clothing, one toy, and one sentimental gift. I usually gave my daughters the little figurines from Precious Moments, while my son usually received teddy bears or something comforting. I wanted them to have an item they could look back on years later and be reminded of the love their mom has for them. I started off this tradition with great intentions, but looking back, I know it sounds a little silly for kids. Still, I figured since Jesus received three gifts from the wise men on his birthday, then that was a fair number of gifts for my children to receive. And as a single mom, it made budgeting for the holidays easier and less stressful. Ultimately, I wanted my children to have gratitude for what they had and celebrate the moments that make the holidays special. I never wanted them to be the kids who tore into their gifts and tossed them aside without even so much as a thank- you. I wanted them to learn how powerful the meaning of this season is and not to focus on the material objects they may get Christmas morning. The most important part of the holidays “I wanted my children to have gratitude for what they had and celebrate the moments that make the holidays special.”

should be the time we spend with our families, and I hope my children learned that throughout their childhoods.

Today, I’m very proud of my kids. I believe one of their greatest traits is their work ethic. Of course, just like any mom, it has been bittersweet for me to see them grow up. It’s kind of surreal to be on this side of mothering and watch them all lead happy and healthy lives. As I look back on the decade, it’s been amazing to see them change and come into their own. Personally, I think the past decade has taught me a great lesson. I know that I’m someone who rarely strays from their comfort zone, but I also wish I had the courage to do more and take risks. I suppose that’s a natural part of aging, too. You learn just how valuable your time is and not to waste a single moment. Regardless, the past decade has been a good ride. I’ve been a bit more adventurous and am now working at The Wellness Studio! I enjoy every minute I spend with this kind and caring team, and I truly enjoy helping every patient who seeks our assistance. As we celebrate the start of a new year, I’m looking forward to pursuing more goals and continuing to build off the joys I had in 2019.

Thank you for putting your trust in our team! Have a wonderful new year.

—Denise Dial



FEELING SAD? Ways to Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that people experience every fall and winter. If you find yourself feeling blue as the days become shorter and darker, know there are things you can do to boost your mood until spring returns.

feelings of well-being and happiness. Getting just a few minutes of sunlight a day through a walk or short jog can make all the difference. If you live in an area where the winters are bleak, cloudy, and dark, sunlight can be harder to come by. But technology has you covered: You can purchase “sun lamps,” which simulate sunlight without the damaging UV rays. Just set up a sun lamp in your workspace or living area and feel your mood lift.

Increase Your Activity

Maintain Your Routine

Keeping your body active can increase your energy levels, help you sleep, reduce anxiety, and boost your self-esteem. Summit Medical Group states that a person who exercises for 30–60 minutes a day can manage or avoid SAD easier than a person who does not exercise regularly. When you participate in physical activity, your body releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins, which have a morphine-like effect on your brain. If exercising outdoors is not ideal, consider swimming, walking, or dancing instead.

Often, it can be difficult to stick with your daily routine during the cooler months. It may be harder to wake up on time in the morning to work out, or it may be too cold outside to go on your daily run. Luckily, you can find small ways to mitigate this. For example, invest in a sunrise alarm clock, which gently wakes you up with a simulated sunrise, or shop for high- quality thermal workout gear. If you continue to suffer from SAD and feel there’s no end in sight, it’s important to seek help from professionals. They can determine the best treatment options available for you.

Get Some Sun

Exposure to sunlight is also significantly beneficial for people suffering from SAD. Sunlight helps your body produce adequate amounts of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that contributes to

ARE YOU READY? Our Expert Prepares You for a PRP Facial your body, and just like when you give blood, your body needs time to recover. Staying properly hydrated will aid in this process. (Pro tip: There’s no tried-and-true formula for drinking water! Instead, drink when you’re thirsty, and carry a reusable water bottle as a reminder.) AVOID THESE MEDS Anti-inflammatory and antibiotic medications have many uses. Ibuprofen relieves a searing headache, and an antibiotic can attack a bacterial sinus infection with precision. But the benefits of these marvels of modern medicine have their time and place — and it’s not right before your PRP facial. As our PRP expert, Denise Dial explains that the immediate results you feel on your skin after a PRP facial affect the top layers of your skin. The PRP serum works its way into the subsequent layers for the next 30 days. “These categories of medication counteract the trauma we are, oddly enough, hoping to accomplish with the microneedling as well as the PRP. Healthy collagen is formed by rebuilding the damaged cells,” Denise says. “This is the work that’s being done behind the scenes. […] Long story short, avoid those two categories of medications because they deactivate the PRP process before we even get it in there.”

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facials utilize the naturally occurring rejuvenation qualities found in your blood to stimulate healthier, younger-looking skin. This can enhance your skin, improving its look, feel, and composition. But just like with any new treatment or regimen, it’s important to prepare correctly. Follow these tips from The Wellness Studio’s PRP expert Denise Dial to prepare for your PRP facial. STAY HYDRATED Water is one of the most powerful compounds in the world, and when you regularly stay hydrated, your body gets a big boost. Water can improve your mood, enhance your cognitive functions,

and benefit your skin. For this reason, in the days and hours leading up to your PRP facial appointment, you should make it a point to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. PRP is pulled directly from

You deserve skin that is healthy, beautiful, and makes you feel great. Get started with your PRP facial by calling The Wellness Studio today at 562.980.0555.




How Wellness Coaching Can Help You Meet Your 2020 Goals O ne of the most common New Year’s resolutions is a commitment to eating healthier, exercising, and losing weight. One study even found that 71% of people commit to this goal each new year. But actually meeting the resolutions we set for ourselves is easier said than done. In fact, according to, only 8% of people who set New Year’s resolutions actually achieve them. So, what makes it so difficult? Perhaps we are setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves, or maybe we realize the goals we set in January change come February. But for many people, the issue may be that they just simply don’t have the right support to achieve their goals. At The Wellness Studio, we believe in a holistic approach when it comes to your goals. We don’t believe leading a healthy lifestyle begins by changing one aspect of ourselves. Instead, we have to approach this goal holistically. Included in that is offering support and encouragement for our clients! Our nutritional experts will support you during each step of your weight loss journey, and when you feel that New Year’s motivation waning, we can lift you up! As our platelet-rich plasma treatment expert Denise Dial says, “Of course, you can get to a healthy weight doing it on your own, but having a buddy or coach — or coming to The Wellness Studio for a loving push — can make that hill seem like a bump in the road!” And science backs us up. According to a study by the American Psychological Association, participants who sought help from coaching or a wellness group lost an average of 10 pounds, compared to self-help-focused dieters who lost 3 pounds. According to another study, published in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy, methodological weight loss that focuses on a holistic transformation was the most effective way for a person to keep the weight off.

Roasted Cauliflower ‘Steaks’

Inspired by Delish


1 large head cauliflower

3 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t shy away from your wellness goals in 2020. You have support at The Wellness Studio. Call 562.980.0555 to learn more.

• • •

2 cups Roma tomatoes 1 red onion, quartered 1/2 lb green beans, ends trimmed

1 cup balsamic vinegar

There are many stories to share during the holiday season. From Santa Claus to the modern tale found in the beloved Christmas movie "Elf," everyone has a story they love to share this time of the year. WELLNESS QUIZ

• •

1/4 cup brown sugar Parsley leaves, for garnish

Kosher salt


1. Heat oven to 400 F. 2. Trim the leaves and stem from cauliflower, but do not break down further. (It should sit like a dome.) In the center of a large baking dish, place the cauliflower and surround it with tomatoes, onion, and green beans, and season with salt and olive oil. 3. Meanwhile, heat a small saucepan to medium-high, and whisk together vinegar and brown sugar. Bring to a boil, then turn down to low simmer, letting sauce reduce for 15 minutes. 4. Coat cauliflower in glaze and reserve extra for basting.

This month’s trivia question asks you to consider which tale popularized a common holiday treat.

Gingerbread houses first began in 16th Century Germany, but which fairytale popularized this holiday favorite?

Hint: A witch lives inside a gingerbread house in this tale.

Email your answers to for your chance to be featured in next month’s newsletter!

5. Roast for 1 hour, basting every 15 minutes. 6. Quarter cauliflower and serve with veggies.



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4 Eco-Friendly Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

Considering all the wrapping paper, decorations, and cards that fill our homes during the holiday season, it’s no surprise that the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is not only the most cheerful but also the most wasteful time of year. According to Stanford University, Americans generate 25% more trash during the holidays than any other period — that’s the equivalent of one million extra tons per week, which is enough to convince anyone worried about the health of the planet to cut back on the tinsel and fake snow. Luckily for the eco-conscious, celebrating the season without adding too much to the landfill is totally possible. To start your own green Christmas traditions, try these tricks: Opt for Edible Remember the cranberry and popcorn garlands of Christmases past? It’s time to bring them back! Pair handmade garlands with iced salt dough and gingerbread ornaments for a fully edible, compostable tree decorating scheme. A bowl of

patterned pomanders (oranges studded with cloves) and pinecones makes for a beautiful centerpiece that smells festive, too.

Go Wild With Plants If you like to decorate your stair rail or mantlepiece, try replacing the shiny plastic and fake-foliage garlands with real holly and pine boughs or bringing festive potted plants indoors. Small evergreen trees, holly bushes, and poinsettias are all attractive choices that can, with proper care, last the whole year. Dare to DIY If you have the time, scrap paper can be cut into beautiful ornaments, and old Christmas cards can be punched into leaf shapes and used to create lovely wreaths. Don’t forget to save your wrapping paper and ribbon scraps for next year! Thrift Shop Till You Drop If you have your heart set on glitzy glass ornaments or an elaborate candle centerpiece, check nearby thrift stores before you head to Walmart. They’re often stocked to the brim with Christmas decor during the holidays, and you can probably get something you’ll love for pennies on the dollar! Plus, by recycling these previously used decorations, you’ll be keeping them out of the landfill.



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