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CELEBRATING GROWTH Reflecting on the Holidays and Taking Chances

s a single parent, the holidays were always a little stressful. I worried about spending too much money during the season, but as my children grew, I developed a plan to hopefully avoid this trap.

Every year since they were little, I’ve gotten each of my three children three gifts for Christmas. They always receive one item of clothing, one toy, and one sentimental gift. I usually gave my daughters the little figurines from Precious Moments, while my son usually received teddy bears or something comforting. I wanted them to have an item they could look back on years later and be reminded of the love their mom has for them. I started off this tradition with great intentions, but looking back, I know it sounds a little silly for kids. Still, I figured since Jesus received three gifts from the wise men on his birthday, then that was a fair number of gifts for my children to receive. And as a single mom, it made budgeting for the holidays easier and less stressful. Ultimately, I wanted my children to have gratitude for what they had and celebrate the moments that make the holidays special. I never wanted them to be the kids who tore into their gifts and tossed them aside without even so much as a thank- you. I wanted them to learn how powerful the meaning of this season is and not to focus on the material objects they may get Christmas morning. The most important part of the holidays “I wanted my children to have gratitude for what they had and celebrate the moments that make the holidays special.”

should be the time we spend with our families, and I hope my children learned that throughout their childhoods.

Today, I’m very proud of my kids. I believe one of their greatest traits is their work ethic. Of course, just like any mom, it has been bittersweet for me to see them grow up. It’s kind of surreal to be on this side of mothering and watch them all lead happy and healthy lives. As I look back on the decade, it’s been amazing to see them change and come into their own. Personally, I think the past decade has taught me a great lesson. I know that I’m someone who rarely strays from their comfort zone, but I also wish I had the courage to do more and take risks. I suppose that’s a natural part of aging, too. You learn just how valuable your time is and not to waste a single moment. Regardless, the past decade has been a good ride. I’ve been a bit more adventurous and am now working at The Wellness Studio! I enjoy every minute I spend with this kind and caring team, and I truly enjoy helping every patient who seeks our assistance. As we celebrate the start of a new year, I’m looking forward to pursuing more goals and continuing to build off the joys I had in 2019.

Thank you for putting your trust in our team! Have a wonderful new year.

—Denise Dial



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