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“He helped bridge the gap between diagnosis and care.” When I went to see Zak, I was acclimating myself with my first ever suspected back injury. From the lens of someone who is hugely active, I was terrified. Throughout much time and many appointments with specialists, I learned that I had a herniated


the same disc within two months. Zak was my lifeline. He helped bridge the gap between diagnosis and care. When I would call to schedule a consult with a neurosurgeon while experiencing intense pain every day for weeks. I would be beyond discouragement at the month wait to get in. Zak and his team were always accommodating, knowledgeable, and a great source of calm. They guided me through the slew of changes in my body as a result of the injury and along the pathway to healing. They listened intently with kindness and compassion. He worked to find the best approach for recovery. I knew I could call anytime, even over the weekend with concerns and questions…and I did. In five months, I went from not being able to sit, walk or stand to playing competitive tennis 3 times a week, I still have setbacks, but I am confident that, going forward, I can prevent re-injury. I am no longer terrified, I have been taught how to balance my body and provide a healthy environment for my spine. Zak has given me lifelong tools to maintain my health and remain active. He taught me how to listen to my body and how to respect my injury. I am so happy to have “graduated” Hill Pro-Motion Physical Therapy, and to be feeling better…but I miss my visits. Zak and the team are a part of my forever family. Love them all!” – C.C.

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1321 SW Market St • Lee’s Summit, MO 64081 816-607-7180

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