Board of Trustees Meeting Packet

include Safe Start proclamations and guidance), and make available a copy of these plans at each location on campus; • Follow state return to work guidance to include allowing work from home for operations able to be performed remotely; • Maintain minimum physical distancing whenever possible of six feet between all on-campus personnel, including with visitors, and where physical distancing cannot be maintained, implement administrative or engineering controls to minimize exposure; • Implement and maintain frequent and adequate hand washing policies and include adequate maintenance of supplies; • Use disposable gloves and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) where safe and applicable to prevent transmission on shared items; • Implement and maintain adequate sanitization of high-touch surfaces and shared resources (e.g., doorknobs, elevators, vending machines, points of sales); • Implement and maintain a self-certification program through which students and personnel are asked to self-certify that they have experienced no COVID-19 symptoms since last visit to campus facility; • If students or personnel are experiencing any known COVID-19 symptoms, require that they stay home in isolation or, as provided below, in isolation or quarantine housing provided by the institution, and safely seek COVID-19 testing or medical assessment, being careful to wear a face covering while seeking medical care and minimizing close contact with others; • Require that students and personnel self-quarantine or isolate per local public health guidelines if they are confirmed to have COVID-19 or have been exposed to a confirmed case; o Refer to guidance from the Washington State Department of Health (DOH):; • Develop response protocols for students, personnel, and visitors reporting symptoms and/or confirmed to have COVID-19; • Avoid non-essential travel by school personnel and require school personnel to self-quarantine per local public health and worker safety guidelines after any high-risk travel as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or DOH (e.g., international travel); • Follow state reopening guidelines for travel; • Follow state guidelines for logging onsite personnel by, to the extent feasible, implementing a program to log students, personnel, and visitors; • Provide contact information to all students/personnel to report concerns and/or potential violations of the Safe Back-to-School Plan; • Regularly self-monitor and update the Safe Back-to-School Plan; • Communicate the Safe Back-to-School Plan to all students and personnel including any future modifications; • For institutions that operate residential facilities: o Limit the occupancy of bedrooms to no more than two residents. This limit does not apply to family members residing together. For purposes of this proclamation, “family member” means an aunt, child, cousin, domestic partner, grandchild, grandparent, parent, sibling, spouse, or uncle, whether biological, adoptive, step, foster, de facto, in loco parentis, or by guardianship. Those sharing a bedroom are not required to wear face coverings when they are in their bedroom, unless a visitor is present, and they are


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