Board of Trustees Meeting Packet

contact or using the same spaces or facilities in the housing. Isolation housing must not share a ventilation system with quarantine housing;  Support services are those services required to meet the individual’s daily needs, including, but not limited to, food and drink, basic supplies, health monitoring, and internet access and other appropriate means of communication;  The institution must inform all personnel and students of the availability of and directions for obtaining needed access to isolation and quarantine housing; o Make diligent efforts to monitor and enforce compliance with the requirements of this proclamation by students and personnel within the institution’s disciplinary authority and procedures and any other applicable authority; o Make diligent efforts to arrange for local law enforcement agencies with appropriate jurisdiction to patrol the areas surrounding the campus and enforce the legal requirements imposed by state and local officials limiting the size of gatherings, requiring the wearing of face coverings, requiring physical distancing, and imposing other obligations intended to control and prevent the spread of COVID-19; o For institutions with police forces, undertake the patrol and enforcement activities described above in areas within the police force’s jurisdiction; and • For institutions that do not operate residential facilities, develop a plan with the relevant local health jurisdiction to address the isolation and quarantine needs of any personnel and students who have confirmed or suspected COVID-19 or exposure to an individual confirmed to have COVID-19 and are unable to isolate or quarantine in their usual place of residence. STUDENT AND PERSONNEL SUPPORT • Adhere to state and federal law for health and workplace safety during COVID-19 including state "Safe Start" guidance and State Department of Labor & Industries guidelines; • Provide students and personnel with PPE such as gloves, goggles, face shields, and/or masks as appropriate or required for students/personnel not working alone (e.g. any public-facing job and/or those whose responsibility includes operating within physical distancing limits of six feet), and shut down or suspend any activity if PPE cannot be provided; • Follow Washington State Department of Labor and Industries guidelines for masks:; • Require students, visitors, and other non-employees to wear face coverings on institution property as required by Order of the Secretary of Health 20-03.1 and any subsequent amendments thereto; • Identify available alternative arrangements for students and personnel upon requests or refusals to work due to concerns related to campus safety. Priority should be given for students/personnel who are considered high-risk or vulnerable as defined by public health officials; following state guidelines (to include Safe Start guidance) for COVID-19 scenarios and benefits; and • Educate students and personnel on symptom detection, sources of high risk to COVID-19, prevention measures, and leave benefits/policies (e.g., UI for personnel that need to self- quarantine); following any education requirements for employers per state COVID-19 Safe Start plan.


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