Own It - July 2020 Issue

Taking Center Stage with with Mom, Grandma, Sister, Niece, Auntie, Author, Keynote Speaker, Life, Career, & Business Coach, DISC Behavioral Analyst Organizational Development Professional


At this point, I know you are saying to yourself there is no way this woman is a “grandma!” Yes, I am and no I did not start super young, but I did start off becoming a parent early in life. Do you know what? I do not regret it, not one single bit and not for one single moment. The only thing I do regret are the partners I chose! As much of a detour as my life had to take based on my own decisions and I own them all I do not regret, not one second of it. The path these detours took me on were all a part of the process and the journey required to get me where I am today. It is unfortunate, but what happens with so many of us is

that we fail to “Own It!” We tend to blame life and all of its circumstances. Rightfully so! We can blame peer pressure, family demands, limited resources, and a lack of knowledge and be rightfully justified. H owever, how much more empowering would it be to say I “OWN IT!” It was me that did not seek enough, learn enough, ask enough questions, or make the right decisions independent of anyone else’s view, opinion, pressure, and suggestion. I found that when I owned my decision making regardless of any of the circumstances surrounding my life at any time in my life, I regained the power of choice. At the end of the day people its our choice to make the decisions that we made. We did not have to do any of it if we had made the decision not too! No one made me marry my first or second husband, no one made me date and marry the wrong men, no one made me have sex before I was ready financially, no one made me get pregnant before marriage, no one made me have my children, no one made me do any of it! I choose to do it all myself! OWN IT!!! That is what this magazine is all about! Own It! GETTING AND REMAINING FREE! Today you can be FREE fromALL of IT! Past setups, traps, snares, acquisitions, self-failures, self-doubt, low self-esteem, vendications, anger, self-hatred, bitterness, internal-strife, negativity, and embarrassment. This is YOUR LIFE! OWN IT!! You Are the CEO of Your Life ... Take CENTER Stage & OWN IT! www.tcsconsultingllc.com


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