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They have found the reliability and sta- bility of the platform very strong, which was an important factor in their choice of solution. The provider also loves the modular nature of ADP as each of their retailers necessitates a separate set of requirements. etika prides itself in offer- ing tailored solutions for their partners. Their three main operators, for example, have completely different requirements, and ADP’s intuitive Engine Editor has made it simple and efficient for etika to confidently modify their policies, algorithms and risk appetite instant- ly, with no coding experience needed whatsoever. Having a versatile team, etika have found it easy for non-credit employees to learn how to use the system. With every ADP contract, clients receive access to the Video Training Series, which com- prises hours of custom-made training videos direct from LendingMetrics’ ADP experts, at no extra cost. A particular highlight for the lender has been the ability to conduct champion/ challenger scenarios. Previously, etika found this very difficult but now they are able to use the passive engine func- tionality to test logic changes against real-time data - without affecting live

lending decisions - giving a highly accu- rate method of identifying the outcome of those changes. The result etika will continue to focus on growing the business with ADP at the forefront of their credit risk strategy, ensuring they maintain their ethical stance and continue to lend in a socially responsi- ble way. Looking to the future, etika are introduc- ing a multi-bureau credit risk strategy, utilising The LendingMetrics Exchange (LMX), which provides access to both Equifax and Experian credit reference, AML, affordability and anti-fraud prod- ucts through one single API, and one contract. Chief Technology Officer, Neil Williams, said: ‘We’re looking forward to continu- ing to work with etika to further roll-out ADP in more territories and introduce multi-bureau credit reference data via our LMX platform. This will see them benefit extensively from preferential contractual terms alongside our white- glove service and extensive multi-bu- reau expertise.’

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