Last, it is wise to understand parenting styles, but too much time spent worrying about your parenting style can paralyze you as a parent. Instead, try to avoid the extremes and find a more positive approach to parenting. This is an important step you can take to prevent underage drinking or other drug use, impaired driving, and your teen getting into a car with a driver who is impaired.

Research shows: Teens of positive style parents tend to not drink or drink far less often and in smaller amounts. They do not use marijuana, they do not ride with others who are impaired, and they do not drive while impaired themselves. They are also far less likely to experience more problems in school and with the law, and are far less likely to be victims of crime. In contrast to other parenting styles, their teens report that their parents are more willing to talk with them and also report having better relationships with their parents.

Parents do make a difference

The Bottom Line Positive parenting strategies can help your child’s brain development, thinking, and planning.

Despite how you may feel sometimes, research shows that parents are an important influence on whether or not teens choose to drink alcohol or use marijuana or other drugs, get into a car with someone who has been drinking or using other drugs, or drive when impaired.

For more information on how parenting styles can influence teen drinking, visit MADD at / powerofparents

Teens do care about their parents' opinions. They especially respond well to a positive parenting style.

Research has consistently shown that teens do care about their parents' opinions when their parents adopt a positive style. These same studies also show that it is never too late to adopt a new approach to parenting . Even when parents have been overprotective, authoritarian, or permissive in the past, children respond extremely well to parents who are willing to change. In contrast, many studies show that authoritarian, overprotective, and permissive parenting can lead to negative outcomes.


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