The first step in talking with your teen about alcohol, impaired driving, and riding with friends who drive impaired, is simply getting started. Often, the conversation takes more than one sitting and evolves over time. As a parent, you must take active steps to start this conversation. Suggest to your teen that you would like to talk. Don’t expect the teen to agree. In fact, many teens respond negatively. Here are some ways to begin: “I know you are smart and know a lot of things. Perhaps you could help me with something that has been on my mind. I keep hearing about how much drinking is going on, and I am a little worried. Maybe if we talked about it I might feel better. Do you mind giving me a few minutes?” “You probably have already heard a lot in school about drinking alcohol. I would like to talk with you a little about it. I know things are different from when I was young and I would not be a good parent if I chose not to talk with you about something so important. Do you mind giving me a few minutes?” Teens are often tired after a school day or athletic event, and that may not be the best time to start a conversation. Think about your teen’s schedule and how you can create a time where you will have his or her undivided attention. Perhaps take him or her out to a quiet dinner or someplace where you can comfortably start a “one-on-one” conversation. Talking About Alcohol


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