TIP: Here are several topics that we recommend you discuss with your child





"How" do you think drinking helps or hurts the body?

"What" physical activities do you want to do in the future that drinking could hurt? "What" problems can happen when young people choose to drink?

"Why" do you think some young people drink if they can get hurt?

The effect of drinking on the body / physically

"How" do you think drinking affects choices young people make?

"Why" do you think some young people drink if it can have a negative impact on their choices?

How drinking affects decisions and choices

"How" does drinking before the age of 21 affect someone?

"What" answers could kids give if they’re pushed to drink before 21?

"Why" do you think some people would start drinking before 21?

Drinking before age 21

Remember: Try to keep your cool and not get angry if you hear things that you don’t like.


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