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Requirements for Training / V13 2023-05-02

training session under observation and assessment by an experienced GWO instructor or another person as detailed in 8.1.8 (below) where each of the trainee instructors must, as a minimum, demonstrate: a. knowledge of the wind energy industry and key safety aspects, especially as relevant for the target standard or module b. familiarity of the working conditions and layout of a wind turbine, especially as relevant for the parts covered within the target standard or module c. the ability to plan and deliver training in accordance with the target standard or module by adhering to the following requirements in the standard or module, such as: c.i training environment and site setting (see above in 7.2) c.ii correct use of PPE c.iii safety during practical exercises c.iv instructor to course participant ratio, and contact time for each course participant for all learning objectives and elements c.v covering all learning objectives at the correct taxonomy level d. the ability to train course participants according to different learning styles during theoretical, practical and group work sessions e. the ability to correctly assess individual course participant knowledge, skill and abilities by applying the GWO taxonomy levels and terminology stated in the target standard or module. GWO Taxonomy Framework can be found in Annex 4 f. the ability to give constructive feedback and individual coaching towards achieving learning objectives 8.1.6 In addition to the above process, training staff must be included in a documented ongoing familiarisation programme consisting of either: a. visits to onshore and/or offshore WTGs (tower, nacelle, hub) prior to instructing GWO standards and modules training, to enable them to maintain and update skills related to the GWO standards and modules they instruct, or b. alternative ways of ensuring familiarisation with the wind turbine working environment and updated skills related to the GWO standards and modules they instruct 8.1.7 To maintain qualification in a specific standard or module, the instructor must deliver the module regularly. If more than 12 months pass without delivering the standard or module, the instructor must re-qualify according to the process above

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