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Requirements for Training / V13 2023-05-02

8.1.8 By means of a documented process, the instructor's competencies must be assessed once every 12 months for at least one of the standards or modules the instructor is qualified to deliver. The assessment will take place while delivering at least one hour of theory and at least two hours of practical training by: a. an experienced GWO instructor, or b. a GWO approved auditor, or c. an internal auditor who has successfully completed GWO’s Auditor Qualification Training 8.1.9 The instructors must comply with the requirements and learning structures of the specific standard and module and the GWO Code of Conduct available on www.globalwindsafety.org. 9. TRAINING AND ASSESSMENT 9.1 General Requirements of Training 9.1.1 The GWO standards and modules set minimum training requirements 9.1.2 Where applicable legislation sets additional requirements for training content, the training provider shall incorporate these identified requirements into the training 9.1.3 Where applicable legislation prohibits the delivery of certain elements, the training provider shall not deliver those elements 9.1.4 Provided the minimum requirements of the GWO standards and modules are met, the training provider may incorporate delivery of other equivalent non- GWO certified training, including but not limited to elements that arise from applicable legislation. When additional elements are incorporated these shall be clearly communicated to the participants and delivery shall be subject to the same requirements for risks assessed, safety delivery laid out in sections 6, 7 and 9. It shall be possible for participants to opt out of any elements that contain risks beyond the scope of the original standard or module, except if arising from applicable requirements 9.1.5 All exercises shall be designed and delivered to meet the learning objectives of the GWO standards and modules being taught. General information on GWO learning objectives, and suitable learning activities is provided in Annex 4: Taxonomy Framework 9.1.6 In each standard or module, learning objectives, lessons and elements may be delivered in the order that fits best for the specific training situation. Theoretical elements should be delivered during the practical exercises when feasible as far as to not compromise the achievement of the learning objectives 9.1.7 The training provider shall ensure detailed and updated lesson/exercise plans are clearly referenced against the latest versions of the relevant standard and module (including learning objectives, performance assessment, instructor/course participant ratios, resources to be used, time allocation, location of training, staff roles, etc.). Valid versions of standards and modules are available for download on www.globalwindsafety.org

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