GWO Requirements for Training Providers V12

GWO Requirements for Training Providers

Foreword All employees in the wind turbine industry shall be sufficiently trained and have the abilities required to carry out their work in a safe and injury free work environment at all times. The purpose of GWO’s Taxonomy Framework is to reinforce this vision by establishing a transparent principal framework to describe safety training characteristics and participant performance in shared terms. The GWO Taxonomy Framework is based on multiple global qualification frameworks that focus on lifelong learning. 1 The specific aim of the Taxonomy Framework is to ensure coherence and conformity between the learning objectives in GWO training standards and their related learning activities delivered in trainings conducted by GWO training providers. Training providers and auditors are a natural audience for the Framework and the guidelines for training specification and evaluation it provides. It is particularly relevant when describing, planning, conducting, and auditing training and learning activities. The GWO Taxonomy Framework supports: • Quality assurance by creating more effective training and auditing of training. • Improved guidance on transforming learning objectives into focused learning activities. • More structured training audits with pedagogical focus by providing a single, coherent, and up to date set of detailed requirements and definitions for planning, conducting and assessing, training and learning processes. • Increased work force mobility by defining transparent, globally comparable levels of education which facilitate the portability of training certifications.

Introduction to the Taxonomy Framework Focus At the core of this taxonomy is the set of action verbs used in the GWO Training Standards learning objectives. These action verbs are presented with increasing complexity and in a progressive order.

When to use the Taxonomy Framework The GWO Taxonomy Framework is applicable whenever: • Developing and reviewing training standards.

1 e.g., The African Continental Qualification Framework (ACQF) Factsheet (2020), Australian Qualification Framework (, OECD report (2016) on Organisation and Management of Education in China; European Qualification Framework, UNESCO/UNEVOC world TVET database on USA


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