GWO Requirements for Training Providers V12

GWO Requirements for Training Providers

What activities will facilitate the learning process for the participants at the advanced level?

A. Learning activities built on participants’ knowledge and experiences. Uncover existing and relevant experiences amongst the participants by questionnaires or presentations in plenum. Only with this information can the learning activities be sufficiently focused. B. Use short group talks, presentations, or an in-depth quiz to explore relevant topics and increase the participants’ curiosity. Exploring participants’ experiences will motivate them while helping the instructor or the program to focus the presentations and assignments that follow. C. Short presentation on the task or topic that challenges the participants with new perspectives. D. A challenge or an assignment where the participants must reflect on their individual understandings and beliefs. E. The participants produce a short video showing the setting, the challenges, and the solutions for a specific topic. F. The participants engage in a role play that presents the setting, the challenges, and solutions of a specific topic. The participants must receive individual feedback on their performances. G. Feedback at the advanced level should give the participants hints to help them figure out how they can do better and help to adjust and develop their knowledge and understanding.

Evaluation methods in coherence with learning objectives and activities

A. Questions at this level should make participants reflect on how the new mindset corresponds to their former understanding and how this may be applied in future work situations. B. Questions could also look into participants’ decision-making abilities within a given topic and whether a participant is able to make this decision alone. C. By observing participants during learning activities and training sessions participant compliance with the learning or enabling objective may be assessed. D. Assessment of knowledge may also be done in connection to skills-training activities, where relevant knowledge must be expected and applied.


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