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Requirements for Training / V13 2023-05-02

Definition The intermediate level is about skill mastery to the extent that the participant can test the application of the skill and distinguish between relevant and less relevant situations to apply the skill in.

Action Verb

Verb Examples of applying action verbs in a learning objective

The participants can apply a tool in relevant situations. The participants can apply safety standards and rescue devices in relevant situations. The participants can distinguish between correct or incorrect actions to be taken in actual situations. The participants can observe and distinguish whether actions are following or not following actual rules and regulations.




The participants can perform a given task by following a set of instructions.

How does the participant acquire skills at the intermediate level?

The participant must follow instructions to reach the learning objectives. Afterwards, both the effort and the result must be reflected upon – what happened, what made it work (or not work) and what could be done differently the next time? Participants’ active learning efforts during the exercises initiate and propel the learning process. The training exercises must have a focus on performing best practices and on the participants’ reflection. The participant’s commitment, motivation, and learning must be increased by constructive feedback aiming at the development of the relevant skills. Energy and dedication emerge when cooperating in groups where the participants must commit to the task and be mutual responsible for the learning process. By decreasing the challenges and risks, the focus on learning can be supported while building confidence and creating the participants feeling of safety in the learning environment. On the other hand, by intensifying the environmental challenges and the risks in the simulation, participants may be challenged, fostering courage and determination.

What activities will facilitate the learning process for the participants at the intermediate level?

1) Short demonstrations of the skill followed by participants practise of how to apply the skill in various scenarios either by themselves, in pairs or in small teams.

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