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3.3 Ability at the Intermediate Level Definition

At the intermediate level, the participants commit to the task or context and can act independently in familiar and unfamiliar situations. They can recognise connections and relationships as well as identify risks in work related situations and take initiative for feasible mitigating actions.

Action Verb

Examples of applying action verbs in a learning objective

The participants can take initiative to intervene when risks in relation to work safety are detected. The participants can take responsibility for maintaining and applying tools and equipment in accordance with standing procedures. The participants can take responsibility for reducing the risk of injury for themselves and others. The participant can act independently in familiar and unfamiliar work-related situations and tasks.

Take Initiative

Take Responsibility

Act Independently

How does the participant acquire ability at the intermediate level?

It requires a high level of commitment, readiness, and willingness to act for the participant to take responsibility and initiate actions. The participant develops independence, creativity, and a driving force to act and learn when one’s expectations and abilities are active parts of discussions and exercises. The participant’s understandings and experiences should be brought fully into play without interference. Feedback must be challenging and aim to inspire the participant to explore individual ways of thinking in the learning environment. Examples of such questions are: “when focusing on this task, what could you do differently next time?”; “what was your reason for choosing to do it this way?”; “what outcome could other approaches lead to?” The participant should be urged to take responsibility for an action and encouraged to carry it out. Motivation and self-esteem emerge every time the action leads to either success or a valuable learning experience. Learning activities should vary in familiarity and complexity to provide sufficient challenge for participants.

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