GWO Requirements for Training Providers V12

GWO Requirements for Training Providers

4. Change Log, Revision 12

GWO ExCo 28.03.22


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Version changed to 12 Replaced in any paragraph “frequent”, “ongoing”, “regular” by minimum every 12 months Section 3, added definition for “non-conformity” Section 8, new definition onsite training: On-site Training (new definition): 8.2.8 Onsite training is when training takes place in the field. This includes for example locally available wind turbines, manufacturing and port facilities. In these cases, a portion of the training can also be delivered in a location such as a small service centre, office environment, or similar, but certification for that location as a Fixed Training Facility is not required. 8.2.9 On-site training also includes when training takes place at a location that is not the training providers’ own GWO audited training environment. If a training provider delivers on-site training repeatedly during a 12-month period at a facility (that could be certified as a GWO Fixed Training Facility) it must be converted to a GWO Fixed Training Facility. 8.2.10 Change in the signature requirements for risk assessment: The document must carry the signature of at least two competent persons, usually one of the instructors and a person representing the legal owner of the on-site structure, prior to training delivery 8.2.11 Change in the requirements for audit or records by auditor: records can be sampled vs. all records must be reviewed

10.1.7 Sentence added pointing users to valid training standards held in GWO website.


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