Training systems

Requirements for Training / V13 2023-05-02

• Added 9.3.3 “The lesson durations described in GWO training standards and modules are calculated according to the maximum instructor to participant ratio. In situations where fewer participants attend the training, the duration of practical activities may be proportionately adjusted as far as to not compromise the achievement of the learning objectives”. • 10.1.4 is now 9.1.14 Clarification on acceptable co-training. Replacement of “…similar certified training…” with “…other equivalent, non-GWO certified training,…” • 10.1.6 is now 9.1.6 “In each standard or module, learning objectives, lessons and elements may be delivered in the order that fits best for the specific training situation. Theoretical elements should be delivered during the practical exercises when feasible as far as to not compromise the achievement of the learning objectives”.

10.1.10 now 9.1.10 Clarification of phrasing

• 10.2.1 now 9.2.1 Clarification on overlapping legal responsibilities

• References to certification of the various training settings in 8.2 have been transferred to the “Requirements for Certification” document.

• Annex 4 Incident Reporting Templates. Initial Incident Report Template and Incident Complete

Reporting Template removed from. Incident reporting forms now online at https://www.globalwindsafety.org/auditcompliance/reporting-an-incident

• Annex 5 GWO Taxonomy Framework now renumbered Annex 4

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