Encourage your child to call you for a safe ride home. If you get that phone call: ࡟ Pick up your child and get him or her home safely. Be calm and not angry on the way home. ࡟ If the established household rule has been broken, pick the soonest appropriate time to discuss consequences together. It may be best to wait until the next day. ࡟ Talk again about the rules and consequences. You only want to keep him or her safe from harm COULD YOUR CHILD HAVE A DRINKING PROBLEM? Here are some signs that your child may have a problem with alcohol: ࡟ Alcohol is missing from bottles or cans in your home ࡟ You’ve discovered alcohol hidden in their backpack or room ࡟ They’re using breath mints or mouthwash heavily— these may be an attempt to mask the odor of alcohol

࡟ They are more sluggish and passive than usual, and don’t care as much about former interests or appearance ࡟ They are unusually aggressive or rebellious ࡟ They’re hanging around with different friends and is more secretive than usual ࡟ They’re struggling with grades or skipping school ࡟ They’re borrowing money more often ࡟ They’re acting drunk and intoxicated, stumbling or moving awkwardly, slurring speech and have a dull, unfocused look or bloodshot eyes. These signs suggest your child may have a drinking problem. If you think your son or daughter might have a drinking problem, do not turn your back on the problem.


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