Do: ࡟ Discuss the problem calmly with your son or daughter. ࡟ Explain that you are concerned and willing to help. ࡟ Stay awake when your child stays out late, when possible, and show you are interested in what they are doing. ࡟ Seek professional help to handle this situation. Don't: ࡟ Take over your child’s responsibilities. Instead, provide him or her with the means to take responsibility for himself or herself. ࡟ Argue with your son or daughter if she or he is drunk. ࡟ Make excuses or cover up for your son or daughter. When a “good” child suddenly starts acting badly or self-destructively, such as by drinking alcohol, it can be a sign of abuse. We urge you to talk promptly to a professional about your concerns.

NEED MORE HELP? If your child is drinking, review the resources for help at the back of this handbook.


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