LAE Prospectus 2023-24


Alongside academic stretch and challenge, LAE is proud of the emphasis we place upon opportunities for personal development, fitness and wellbeing. We offer you as many different life experiences as possible to help you find out what is right for you and to give you a well-rounded education. This is so important that it is built into our weekly timetable. Sports & Wellbeing (click for full details) Our sports programme offers students a wide range of sporting activities including, to name but a few, football, basketball, yoga and gym training sessions. We also offer Mindful Walking sessions, a gentle exercise allowing you to focus on health and mental wellbeing. Fixtures, House competitions and our annual Sports Day will allow your competitive spirit to thrive. Clubs and Societies (click for full details) Every Thursday you will be able to develop your personal skills and widen your experiences by joining and leading one of our many clubs and societies including: model UN, debating, philosophy, global affairs, baking, chess, dance and many more. We also offer the Duke of Edinburgh's Award (from Silver) and Combined Cadet Force. LAE Arts Hub (click for full details) Many of our students are as at home on the stage as in the classroom and we have plenty of opportunities to develop existing passions or explore new ones in performing arts, theatre, concerts and music.






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