LAE Prospectus 2023-24

I NCLUSIVE COMMUNITY LAE offers a caring, holistic education alongside an exceptional academic one to support all students in achieving their potential. We are proud of being a very supportive school, with a student retention rate of more than 99%. A - level study can be intense and we have a variety of ways in which we support our students academically, pastorally and financially to help them reach their potential and ensure they are

healthy and happy. Our commitment to student and staff wellbeing was recognised in 2022 when we achieved Top 3 ranking in the World ’ s Best School competition.

House System

Every student has a tutor whom they see daily and who is responsible for their wellbeing. Time is set aside every week for one to one mentoring, and we run a large number of sessions focussed on wellbeing too. Each student belongs to a house which provide an extra layer of pastoral support and community. Each house is named after one of the six UK leading independent schools who support LAE: Brighton College, Caterham School, Eton College, Forest School, Highgate School and University College School, which greatly enhances the range of opportunities on offer to students.

Enrichment through Outreach

By building positive relationships with the local community through mentoring and volunteering, our students will be well prepared to become confident, dynamic and responsible adults.





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