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THE TWO BEST KIDS ANYONE COULD ASK FOR Celebrating Mollie and Noah for Father’s Day

O n Father’s Day, kids all over the country give their dads a pair of socks, “Free Hugs Anytime” cards, or fun little crafts they’ve made at school. And, of course, any parent enjoys getting a small token of appreciation from their children. But really, I think for most fathers, the best gift you could ever receive is to see your children succeed and pursue the things they love to do. As we come up on the holiday on the 17th, I’ve been thinking a lot about how lucky I am to have two kids who do just that, passionately involving themselves in all kinds of activities and making me proud every day. Just this year, my 15-year-old son Noah finally achieved his Eagle Scout rank after years of striving and working toward this prestigious designation. To get it, scouts not only need to get 21 merit badges with their own set of stringent requirements, but also organize and steer a huge service project for their community that takes months of intensive work. Last year, Noah approached his old elementary school with a proposal to build them an outdoor weather station classroom, to enable teachers to get young kids learning about the weather in a fun, hands-on environment. It had been something they’d wanted to do for years but hadn’t had the time or resources to

set up. He drew it all up, got it approved by the school, wrangled all the needed equipment, enlisted a bunch of volunteers to build it, and finally set the whole thing up from scratch near the playground. The entire process took 6–8 months and turned out awesome, with a big board, all kinds of cool weather instruments, and an entire structure for teachers to use for their lessons. I was so impressed with him throughout the process, and you can bet that when they finally gave him that medal at the scout ceremony, I was filled with pride. Meanwhile, my 13-year-old daughter Mollie has been deeply involved in her school chorus and theater. She’s loved singing since she was tiny and got involved in those activities really young. And now I get to enjoy seeing her onstage in all kinds of plays and musical theater productions. There was one time in particular when she had a solo. She got up in front of this huge audience and sang her heart out, completely rocking her performance. I’m a guy who’s petrified to even speak in front of a crowd, much less sing, so I’m always amazed to see her confidence and prowess onstage. I’ll sit there in awe and think, “How did I have any part in that?” For Father’s Day, my family and I are usually out on the beach, relaxing along the coast of Anna Maria Island with my



folks from Chicago. It’s always a fantastic time, taking a week or so off just to relax in the sunshine, do some swimming, and just spend time together with the people we care about. But again, it’d be hard for me to be disappointed on the holiday — my kids have already made me the proudest father possible. -Luke Kron, PT Managing Partne



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