Karate kids take on the world

The Embrun Seven brought home a fist- ful of medals from the WKCWorld Karate Championships. Gold, Silver and Bronze for Local Athletes at the 2015 WKC World Championships in Orlando.

Seven students from the Embrun Family Karate Club battled their way to claimberths on Team Canada to represent the nation at the World Karate and Kickboxing World Championships.The seven-day tournament

ran from Nov. 8 to 15 in Orlando, Florida. Trained by Sigung John Lianos, a seventh- degree black belt, Billy and Skyler Sabou- rin, Megan and Mackenzie Cooper, Caylie Castonguay, Johnny Bouchard, and Sidney MacNeill competed in karate practice forms events, stepped onto the sparring mats for continuous fighting, point fighting, and team fighting challenges. For 10-year-old Mac- Neill, it’s her third time on Team Canada while 13-year-old Castonguay marks her first return to the Team Canada ranks. For the others, Billy Sabourin, who fought in the adult division, Skyler Sabourin and Johnny

Bouchard, both 10, along with 15-year-old Megan Cooper and 12-year-oldMackenzie Cooper, it’s the first time each of themhave competed for Canada at the WKC world championships. By the end of the tournament, MacNeill had fought her way to a triple-world cham- pionship title with three gold medals and one bronze. Megan Cooper earned silver and bronze medals for her combat efforts and fourth place in forms competition, while Caylie Castonguay secured a silver medal for her Chinese fighting form. Bouchard finished fourth in forms.

This is the winning team fromEmbrun that helped represent Canada at theWKCworld karate championships in Florida. In the back row (left to right) are Billy Sabourin, Megan Cooper, Caylie Castonguay, Mackenzie Cooper, and their sigung, John Lianos. In front are Johnny Bouchard, Sidney MacNeill and Skyler Sabourin.

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