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July 2020

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What We Love About Summer

Celebrations, Ice Cream, and Stargazing

and the kids and their friends got soaked but miraculously slept through it. I learned to be a bit more careful about where I put the trampoline after that. Summer also brings different foods and flavors. We love to barbecue, and we make homemade ice cream. We enjoy trying out different flavors and seeing which ones turn out best. My son-in-law has this incredible John Deere ice-cream maker that runs on gas out of a four-stroke engine. Talk about homemade ice cream! Stargazing is another activity we enjoy in the summer. We’re lucky to have clear skies and no city lights to distract from the beautiful night sky here in the Star Valley. Over the years, we’ve learned some of the constellations, and we take our time to pick out all the ones we can see. I hope you get to enjoy some of these activities over the next month. After a long winter, summer is a welcome change. As the weather warms up and the kids can finally run and play outside, our sanity improves. I wish you a wonderful start to your summer.

gear that we left behind! We searched for our missing gear on our trek back to no avail. Maybe the road took some items, but it gave us many memories in return. This August, we’ll have been married 39 years, and I feel like the luckiest man in the world. After we had kids, summer became intertwined with new memories. Our big trampoline in the backyard was a favorite summer sleeping spot for our kids. If they had a sleepover, chances are all the kids would opt to sleep on the trampoline. One time, the kids invited some of their friends, who were exchange students from Japan, over for a sleepover. They decided they would sleep out on the trampoline, so all told, there were about nine kids on the trampoline. The weight of their bodies brought them all toward the middle, so even if they spread out before going to sleep, they woke up all bundled next to each other. From time to time, I would move the trampoline, and on that night the kids had their friends over, I had moved it to a new area. I didn’t realize until the next morning that I’d made a mistake. My kids are very sound sleepers, and the reason I know this is because I accidentally set the trampoline over our automatic sprinklers. They came on in the middle of the night,

There are many things to love about summer, starting with the fact that Jeanelle and I got married and celebrate our anniversary in August. We got married at a church and drove to our reception afterward. Well, in reality, because my best man was at the wheel, we all but flew to the reception. It should have taken us 45 minutes to get there, but we arrived in 30. Despite the fact that we were the last to leave the church, we were the first to arrive at the reception. Soon enough, though, others arrived — a great many others. You see, a postal strike was going on in Canada at the same time we were planning our wedding. We had the wedding announcements all ready to send out, but due to the strike, we couldn’t send them. Instead, we put a notice in the newspaper. All told, close to 800 people came to the reception! We had such a wonderful time dancing that we practically had to be shooed out of the reception hall. Afterward, we were lucky enough to go on a two-week honeymoon along the West Coast. Our trip included a stop at the stunning Butchart Gardens in Victoria. Along the way, we lost a hammer, a flashlight, and many other items on our 600-mile journey. A bird’s-eye view of us would have shown a whole trail of camping

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