District Newsletter June 2017

Why am I a Rotarian? Because of the fellowship with service minded friends. I was asked to attend a Rotary  meeting at Preston Trails Rotary Club in Celina in the spring of 2012 as a guest speaker. I did  a short presentation on identity theft and cyber security like many of my public financial  education sessions; however, this place was different. As soon as I walked into the room, I  was greeted with open arms (those Celina fellers should do like to hug). Their meeting  surprised me with the Pledge Allegiance, a fun song, and a Rotary shout. The excitement  was contagious. A few of the members asked if I would like to come back as a prospect  member. I was shocked; I was 31 years old and the average age in the room was  60. Recently becoming a single mom with no family nearby, I was eagerly searching for  something that made me feel welcomed and loved. Becoming a member of Preston Trails  Rotary Club in Celina was the home I was searching for. Members of the Club encouraged to me to get involved. They wanted me to participate in  events and I suddenly felt like the popular kid. I soon got to spend some one on one time  with then President Andy McAnally at a 4 th of July event. We were power sugar partners in  the funnel cake booth raising money for the Club. I thought he was nice by introducing me  to people in the community. Later Mr. McAnally continued to invite me to events, as a  group, not a date. I really enjoyed the service projects we were doing and just being around  fellow Rotarians – we are a fun bunch. Finally, another Rotarian disclosed that Mr. McAnally liked me so I made the first move and invited him to join me and my family visiting from out  of town to a rodeo. Our first date was December 26, 2012. We are planning to get married June 2, 2018. Thank you, Jerrica Anderson Rotary Club of Preston Trails

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