District Newsletter June 2017

We are excited to be following such a great year for  the District, it's like getting a head start in a race!

Rotary is defined  not by who we are,  but by what we do. Ian H.S. Riseley,  President Rl 2017‐18

Rick Amsberry District Governor, District 5810 2017‐18 Lisa Amsberry Director, Rotary Club Park Cities 2015‐17

DG Rick will be starting his year with:  65 Rotary Clubs  2710 Rotarians  New eDistrict Website  New & Improved Rotary Club Central  Fully trained Governor's Team  And a slew of ongoing projects,  programs, district grant applications,  global grant projects and oh so much  more….. Making A Difference in District 5810 in 2017‐2018

Welcome our new year District Governor Rick Amsberry,  District Governor Elect Bill Slicker,  District Governor Nominee Beverly Grogan, and  Immediate Past DG Bill Dendy. Congratulations!

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