District Newsletter June 2017


REAL Leadership Pilot Program Keith Mankin, Rotary Club of Dallas – Uptown

R otary E ngagement A nd L everage

The mission is to strengthen  leadership skills to positively impact Clubs and energize Rotary Next REAL Basic to be held on Saturday, October 7 To Participate contact:  George Ritcheske at  gritcheske@yahoo.com

Eleven Rotarians walk into a college conference center on a rainy Saturday. This sounds like the  start of a shaggy dog joke or perhaps a Gothic novel. In reality it is the beginning of a new  educational and leadership initiative within Rotary District 5810. Last Saturday the district offered a Pilot version of its newly developed leadership training seminar.  The Rotary Engagement and Leverage (REAL) Leadership Program is slated for a full roll‐out in the  Fall of this year with plans for a companion advanced course in the works as well. Saturday’s event  was the first chance to take the program for a spin with full participation of Rotary members and  observers from around the district. The Program was expertly facilitated throughout by the Coppell Rotary Club’s George Ritcheske, an  experienced leadership trainer. It consisted of a heady mix of didactic and interactive training  during which the participants built literal towers and figurative bridges while exploring the  meaning, definition and responsibilities of leadership in the context of the Rotary Clubs. The  lessons had wide application for outside engagement as well. The day began with an introduction of the participants based on interactive conversation, such that  each attendee was presented to the whole group by a new acquaintance. From there, we talked  about the expectations for the course, ranging from exploring the Rotary definition of “leadership”  to handling specific interactions. But the central tenet, as illustrated by the single word that George  wrote in the center of the circle on the display board, was to have fun. As the program stretched out the group tackled solutions to Rotary challenges using the Outcome,  Method and Resources tool (“OMaR is your friend!”) and designed and displayed the ideal Rotary  Club through the use of pictures. Social Interaction Styles were explored, leading to some surprised  participants (“I was sure I was ‘expressive!’”), and these tools were used to show how one’s  individual style may need to adjust to give the best leadership. Hearing and understanding were  emphasized as key components of listening, and the ability to commend and congratulate was  celebrated. At the end of the long day the eleven participants, joined by the REAL team and observers, came  out with a better understanding of how to approach and embrace the complex roll of leadership.  Friendships were forged (as is the Rotary way) with pledges of exchanged ideas, club visits and  assistance in each other’s club projects. And everyone was eager for the promise of advanced REAL  training in the not so distant future.

Our REAL leadership class sharing  ideas on how to make their  Rotary Clubs better! A lot of ideas  are circulating! ~DGE Rick

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