District Newsletter June 2017

Rotary Club of Prestonwood  President Barry Hoffman

What were your fundraisers this year? Flag Program How many social activities this year? 6 What district events did your club participated and how many  attended each event?  Governor Installation ‐ 4 Assembly ‐ 2 Conference ‐ 6 Foundation Dinner ‐ 8

Mix For Six (for small clubs)  6 couples hosted dinner in their homes for two other Rotarian couples ‐ thus all club members had a small intimate social evening to get to know  each other better.

Firefighter Honors Day

2017 Flag Days MEMORIAL DAY Monday, May 30 FLAG DAY Tuesday, June 14 INDEPENDENCE DAY Monday, July 4 LABOR DAY Monday September 5 VETERAN’s DAY Saturday , November 11 Flags delivered by Friday AM,  picked up Tuesday, weather permitting

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