Optimum: Is Back Pain Slowing You Down?


5 points location was more accessible to everyone in the city, which allowed us to help a diversity of people. However, in just two short years we outgrew our space once again. In 2015, we moved to the North downtown area off San Pedro Ave. Again, we feel being central in the city allows us to be more accessible to everyone in San Antonio and the surrounding rural towns. We also enjoy the downtown community, culture, food, art and music. It has enriched our clinic experience in helping others with all it has to offer. Along our journey we have made many new friends, while still keeping our past friendships close to us. We still treat and help many of our very first patients from our first location in 2006. Why, we think that is? Well, no doubt the quality of care is held at a high standard at our clinic, but we also believe it’s our sense of community, unity, and public service that sets us apart from any other Physical Therapy clinic in San Antonio.

In 2006, Dr De Anda and his wife started a Physical Therapy outpatient clinic in the Northwestern quarter of SA. Even in our early days of our clinic’s existence we have always valued our autonomy and independence, to help others at the standard we believe they must be treated. The clinic has always been owned, directed and operated by our Doctor of Physical Therapy Dr Mark De Anda. For 3 years, we enjoyed helping the community of NW SA, however, we simply outgrew that location. So we looked towards downtown. We found our next location in the historical zone in the 5 points district of San Antonio; more centrally located to help everyone in the city. The


Dry needling involves insertion and repetitive manipulation of a “dry”, solid filament needle in a trigger point in order to produce an involuntary spinal cord reflex, also known as a local twitch response (LTR). This results in lasting muscle relaxation due to the release of shortened bands of muscle fibers for overactive (tight) muscles or the activation of under-active (weak) muscles. Deactivation of the trigger points can bring immediate relief of symptoms, so the therapist can immediately train the muscles to work with the newly gained pain free range of motion (ROM). Our mission at Optimum Physio is to bring an excellent clinical experience through new therapies, community awareness and education. An excellent clinical experience through new techniques, tools, and innovative approaches to facilitate the natural healing of the body. Education to our patients and community through local events, educational workshops, publications of articles and books so to empower the people to make better health choices. ABOUT US

“When I first became a patient here at Optimum Physio, I was suffering with sciatica pain in my left leg due from a severe, near paralyzing spinal injury from a head on car accident in the early 90s. I have PAT I E NT SUC C E SS SPOT L I GHT

received great healing and improvements from my first time ever experience in Physical Therapy. Dr. De Anda and his staff has displayed five star medical and customer utmost professionalism and total concern and care to me as a patient at Optimum Physio. The clinic has a very down home and authentic relationship to its patients. I highly recommend and compliment the whole staff here for such great service to those in need.” - J.M.


• 1 banana • ½-1 cup Greek yogurt, coconut cream, coconut yogurt, or cottage cheese • ¼ cup healthy granola or trail mix

• ~1 cup mixed berries • 1 Tbsp peanut butter, or nut butter of choice • drizzle of honey or maple syrup • cherry on top

Slice banana in half lengthwise and lay in shallow bowl. Add some berries in between the banana halves to create a cavity. Use an ice cream scoop to scoop yogurt into the middle of the banana boat. Distribute fruit and sprinkle with granola, or whichever toppings you like! Melt peanut butter and drizzle on top with honey. Serve topped with a cherry (or a few) if desired! Yields 1 banana split breakfast parfait. Notes: *Nutrition calculated with ½ cup plain nonfat Greek yogurt and 2 tsp honey. Serving Size: 1 banana split breakfast parfait Calories: 431 Sugar: 27 Fat: 11 Carbohydrates: 69 Fiber: 13 Protein: 22



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