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Committal at sea

The burial or scattering of a loved one’s cremated remains at sea can be a memorable way to honour those who enjoyed life on the water. This may be the perfect option for a loved one who may have been a former member of the Royal or Merchant Navy, a member of the Coastguard or a lifeboat crew, a fisherman, keen yachts-person or simply lived by or enjoyed the sea.

The Maritime Volunteer Service

The Maritime Volunteer Service is a uniformed national charity that performs dignified committals at sea. Formed in 1994, they have over 400 members in more than 30 units around the coasts and estuaries of the United Kingdom. The service itself takes approximately 15-20 minutes and can be tailored to suit the religious and philosophical beliefs of your loved one, including any personal eulogies. Cremated remains can be buried or scattered at various latitude and longitude locations which the Maritime Volunteer Service can advise on. The craft will circle the area immediately following the service allowing you moments for private prayers and to cast flowers or wreaths into the sea.

Please note: • A minimum donation is required • Available 7 days a week 10am-4pm • A minimum of 5 days notice is required for booking • Service is dependent on weather and sea conditions • Limited to 8-10 passengers, dependent on the specific craft used • For more information visit:

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